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Facts About Dog Obesity Infographic

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Is your dog overweight? Sometimes, dog obesity is a hard fact for owners to face. No one wants to admit their little furball has a problem, and let's face it, chubby dogs do look pretty adorable.

To help you maintain your dog's health, here's an Infographic about dog obesity. Do your furry friend a favor and give it a read. Also check out these tips from the Kurgo Vet, Dr. Susan O'Dell DVM, on what to do if your dog is obese.

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Ask a Vet: What Are Your Thoughts on Alternative Medicine?

We asked veterinarian Dr. Susan O'Dell, "What are your thoughts on alternative medicine?" Read her response below!Before I answer this question, I think it is important to note that I practice strictly traditional western medicine. I have no training in acupuncture, herbs, or homeopathy. That said, I believe that complementary medicine is exactly [...]

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Ask a Vet: What Are Your Thoughts on Grain-Free/Raw Food Diets?

We asked veterinarian Dr. Susan O'Dell, "What are your thoughts on grain-free/raw food diets?" Read her response below!This question actually needs two answers, as grain-free and raw are not synonymous. To start, let me first outline my general philosophy on pet foods. 1) A diet must be complete and balanced. 2) Keep [...]

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Dog-Friendly City Guide - Philadelphia

The term “City of Brotherly Love” is truly all-encompassing for the residents of Philadelphia. Not only does the City welcome people of all different backgrounds, but it also welcomes their four-legged friends, both old and young, small and large. I’m here to give you the lowdown on all of the best pet-friendly places to bring your pup in Philadelphia [...]

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5 Tips for Improving Your Dog's Health

We all know that we are supposed to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, and we all know that usually doesn't happen. Work gets in the way and we push it off until "tomorrow." However, when we overlook our own exercise routines, we are also overlooking that of our canine friends. And [...]

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How To Make The Most Of Your Daily Dog Walks

As a pet owner, one of the core responsibilities we have is to ensure that our furry friends get a daily supply of exercise. The health benefits for both you and your dog are no secret. A recent study showed that people who proactively walked their dogs walked about an hour more per week than [...]

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Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make at the Vet

As pet owners, we tend to always put our friends first – and that’s the way it should be! We spend our time and money to make sure our pets have the best of everything – the newest toy, that special treat, a more-expensive-than-necessary bed. But one area in which pet owners could improve is learning how to make [...]

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Pet Travel Safety Tips Video

Going places with your dog is always more fun, but are you making sure your pup is safe? You wear a seatbelt. Your kids wear a seat belt. Does your dog wear a seat belt? In this video, one of our founders Gordie Spater discusses the options to contain and restrain your dog so he [...]

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Dog Friendly Getaway: Sonoma Wineries

It's that time of year again ... the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are turning ... the perfect time to plan a dog friendly getaway has arrived! Whether you're looking for a weekend road trip or planning a longer vacation, harvest season is a great time to visit a winery. The grapes are ripe, there's [...]

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Dog Friendly Brewers

With today the first official day of fall, our minds and taste buds turn to beer - brewfests, Oktoberfests, brew pubs, brewery tours. Good beer and dogs are two of man’s best friends, so it’s no surprise that you so often find them together. It’s common to see dogs on beer labels, dogs in beer [...]

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