All About Labs


Labs, Labs, Labs. Lucky for us, we have lots of Labs in our dog-friendly headquarters in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Labradors are a very active and loving breed – versatile enough to be a great running companion, avid hiker, or friendly family dog. Whether you have been a Lab owner for years or are new to the breed, check out some of these fast facts about Labradors.

The Water Loving Breed

Often known as the water-loving breed, Labs can enjoy bodies of water for hours on end. While their stamina is impressive, be sure to utilize a dog life vest as an extra precaution. Boating and stand up paddle boarding are two fun water-sport ideas to try with your dog, but be careful as he or she may be more inclined to hop right in and start doing the doggie paddle! To learn a little more about enjoying the water with your dog, check out this Guide to Fun and Safe Boating with Your Dog and directions for How to Paddle Board with Your Dog.

How Much Exercise Do Labs Need?

Labs are part of the Sporting Group. This group is also comprised of spaniels, setters, and pointers. They are all naturally energetic, active, alert, and require regular exercise. Labs should have at least one to two hours of exercise a day at a moderate intensity level. They can certainly be an enjoyable running partner and a companion that can keep up with an active lifestyle. For more information about staying active with your lab, read about 5 Expert Tips for Running with Your Dog and discover How Much Exercise Your Dog Needs.


How to Road Trip Safely with Your Lab

Since labs are sizable dogs, it’s important to know how to properly restrain them and keep them safe on road trips. We constructed two crash tested harnesses to ensure the safety of dogs just like this. Our Enhanced Strength Harness was crash-tested for dogs up to 80 lbs., while our Impact Harness can protect dogs up to 130 lbs. Seat belts, ziplines, and barriers can all be used to properly restrain your dog, as well. To see how our Impact Harness works, watch this short video demonstration:


Bring on the Dirt and Mud

With a big dog can come a lot of mud, dirt, and slobber. How can dog owners possibly keep their cars clean? Stop mud from ever touching your car seats by using a bench seat cover, wander hammock, or cargo cape. These products cover the interior of your car so that you don’t need to constantly vacuum or clean your seats. Simply toss the seat protection in the washing machine and place in your car again – mess crisis averted! To find the best car seat solution for you, read our Car Seat Cover Buying Guide.