Wheel Felts (4 Pack)


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These soft felt pads protect tire rims from the scratches and nicks associated with transporting and storing seasonal or event tires.  The Wheel Felts simply slide into the Kurgo Seasonal Tire Totes ®  (sold separately) and clip into place for a secure, snug fit. In addition to protecting your valuable rims from nicks and scratches, two Wheel Felts on each tire create a fully enclosed tire bag, adding another level of protection for your clothes and vehicle interior while transporting your tires. 

  • Protects rims from nicks and scratches
  • Additional level of protection from tire and brake residue for your clothes and vehicle interior
  • Durable 1/2" thick felt pad, 20" in diameter
  • Designed for tires 22"-31" in diameter
  • Fits Kurgo's Seasonal Tire Totes ®  (sold separately)
  • Easy to install
  • Large ventilation opening
  • Package includes 4 Wheel Felts (Seasonal Tire Totes ® sold separately). To fully enclose 4 tires, you need to order 2 packages.

Materials: Recycled industrial felt


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