Classic Yard Games: The Backyard Birdie

Classic Yard Games: The Backyard Birdie

Posted by Kaitlyn Manktelow on 21st Aug 2017

Kurgo’s Backyard Birdie is based off the classic lawn toy, Birdie. This toy brings waves of nostalgia for badminton enthusiasts and provides educational and fun training for your dog. Made with chew friendly and non-toxic Here are some games you can play with your pup, using the Backyard Birdie!

Game: Badminton

The classic yard game can now involve your dog! We advise playing this in a large yard.

How to Play

Take a sturdy Badminton (or even better, tennis) racket and hit our Birdie toy over the net to your dog waiting on the other side! For a more fun, challenging way to play, make sure your dog stays on one side of the net, and catches the Birdie in the air!

Skills This Game Enhances: Attention and Hunting

Game: Human Run the Bases

This is a fun game of who is faster. All you need for this game is your pup, a large space to run and, of course, our Backyard Birdie.

How to Play

Set up four bases in a traditional diamond shape, as if you are playing a game of Baseball or Kickball. Both you and your dog should start on home plate together. Throw the Birdie for your dog as you start rounding the bases. The goal here is to get to round all the bases before your dog can bring back the toy!

Skills This Game Enhances: This game will improve your pup’s attention and fitness skills. As a bonus, it will help improve your speed and health, as well!

Game: The Name Game

This game will help expand your dog’s vocabulary and prepare him/her for more complex games or training! For this game, a smaller area will be better. All you need is your Birdie and another favorite toy - any Kurgo Yard Games toy would work perfectly!

How to Play

Place the Birdie and the other toy side by side, and use a simple name for them like ‘Birdie’ or ‘Horseshoe’. Tell your dog to grab a toy by its name, for example: ‘Get Birdie’. Reward your pup when they get the right one. If you and your dog are up for the challenge, try incorporating fetch into this game. Throw two or more toys with the Birdie, then tell your dog to “Fetch Birdie”.

Skills This Game Enhances: Communication, Attention and Reasoning.

Game: Treat Trap

This game challenges your dog’s mind while encouraging them with treats and their favorite toys. For this game, you will need treats and the Birdie.

How to Play

Insert a toy into one of the openings on the Birdie, the treat should barely fit inside, making it a challenge for your dog to get it. Watch your dog chew, throw and pull the toy around as they try to get the treat!

Tip: If your dog gives up too easily at first, only insert the treat halfway into the toy, making it easier for them to get. Once they start ‘winning’ slowly increase the difficulty. This game can also be played with Kurgo’s Wapple Ball.

Skills This Game Enhances: Attention and Reasoning.

With Kurgo’s Yard games, you can incorporate training with playing. Your dog will be learning and strengthening skills without realizing they are working at all! Playing games like these and other Yard Games will help strengthen the bond between you and your pup. Check out more games in our free Yard Games E-book