Kurgo Yard Games: Target Jack

Kurgo Yard Games: Target Jack

Posted by Kaitlyn Manktelow on 27th Mar 2018

If you miss the childhood days of playing with jacks, we can bring back those memories and have them include your dog this time! Kurgo’s Target Jack is made of tough and non-toxic material that will provide endless amount of enjoyment for you and your pup. We invented some games that will not only provide fun for you and your furry best friend, but also help train and strengthen skills.

Field Goal

Playing this game with your dog will have you feeling like an All-Star athlete in no time!

Materials Needed: Target Jack, Large Open Space

How to Play: Place on the Target Jack on the ground in front of you and back up a couple of spaces. Once you are an appropriate distance away from the toy, run and kick it as high and as far as you can. The goal is to see if your dog can track and catch the Target Jack on its way down.

To further challenge your pup, have them sit and stay until the Jack is kicked into the air.

Skills This Game Enhances: Hunting, Fitness

Hoop Jumping

Your dog will be ready to run off and join the circus after learning this entertaining trick!

Materials Needed: Target Jack, Hula Hoops, Large Area

How to Play: Take a hoop and with the bottom touching the ground, throwing a favorite toy or treat through it. When your pup steps through the hoop, reward them right away. Once your dog gets used to this, begin to raise the hoops off the ground, going slow at first (only a few inches at a time). Again, remember to treat your dog each time they succeed at this.

The key here is to start low and reward often. Once your pup becomes an expert jumper, you can begin placing the hoop in other areas, watching your dog soar.

Skills This Game Enhances: Fitness

Target Practice

Not only will this game enhance your dog’s skills, but it can help you perfect your aim

Materials Needed: Target Jack, Tossing Disc, Large Area

How to Play: Place your Target Jack several feet away from you (your dog should be told to ‘leave it’). With the two of you standing away from the Target Jack, take the Tossing Disc and throw it at the upright Target Jack. The goal is to get the Tossing Disc to land directly on the Target Jack’s ‘point’. Then have your dog fetch the disc and bring it back to you.

An additional challenge is to continue playing this game until your pup only fetches the Disc, not the jack as well. If you do not have the Tossing Disc, Kurgo’s Huck-it Horseshoe could also work in place of it!

Skills This Game Enhances: Hunting, Fitness, Communication

Toy Hide and Seek

This game can be played both indoor or out, and will test your dog’s natural hunting ability.

Materials Needed: Target Jack, Place to Hide

How to Play: Get your dog excited about the Target Jack before going into another room (or have someone cover your pup’s eyes) and hide the toy. Then tell your dog to find the toy!

To test your pup’s intelligence, try calling the toy out by name. For example, ‘Go find Target Jack!’ If your dog has trouble sniffing out the toy, hide it with a favorite strong smell treat instead!

Skills This Game Enhances: Hunting

With Kurgo’s Yard games, you can incorporate training with playing. Your dog will be learning and strengthening skills without realizing they are working at all! Playing games like these and other Yard Games will help strengthen the bond between you and your pup. Check out more games in our free Yard Games E-book