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Spring Travel Hot Spots for You and Your Pup

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It’s that time of year – days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, and the travel itch has begun. However, many dog owners are under the impression that they cannot experience the places they want because they don’t want to leave their pup behind. Good news – you don’t have to! Whether you want to go somewhere with an ocean view, mountainous terrain, or urban dwellings, there are a plethora of dog-friendly vacation destinations perfect for you and your pup to explore this spring.

San Diego, CA – The sophisticated beach town of San Diego is the best of both worlds for travelers. Not only does it boast around 70 miles of coastline with pristine beaches, it is also California’s second largest city and the United States’ eighth largest city. You will also find varied terrain, from desert flatlands to mountains and everything in between. However, this gorgeous city isn’t only perfect for humans. Dogs and dog lovers alike will rejoice in numerous dog-friendly vacation rentals, restaurants, and beaches. Take your dog to Dog Beach, one of the first official off-leash dog beaches in the United States, where your dog can run, swim, and play all day! Then, take your pup to Lighthouse Ice Cream, a shop that serves up its very own dog-friendly, soy-based, sugar-free ice cream for your pup, or to Paw Pleasers, San Diego’s first dog bakery. No matter where you go in San Diego, you will likely find at least one dog-friendly option, and myriad dog owners with which to enjoy it!

New Orleans, LA – New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, is known for being a geographic cultural icon. Famous for its music, food, and festivals (Mardi Gras, in particular), New Orleans is a great travel destination for people who like to immerse themselves in culture and history. However, a lesser-known fact about New Orleans is that it is a fantastic destination for a dog-friendly vacation. Dozens of hotels in the city allow you to room with your four-legged friend, and many restaurants in the area get five bones from Fido! Take your pup to the Dog Levee, an off-leash dog park where your pup can frolic for an afternoon, or for a stroll through the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city. You can also bring your pup along on a guided ghost tour of the city!

Portland, OR – Portland, Oregon’s largest city, is known for being the epitome of the “hipster.” The city boasts a multitude of food trucks, urban gardens, bicycle enthusiasts, and so much more. It has a great craft brewery scene and even better food. But, best of all, it has more than 30 off-leash dog parks for your pup to enjoy, thus giving it the title of most dog-friendly parks per capita in the country. Several wineries and breweries also host pup-friendly events, so your dog can enjoy your company while you enjoy some great local brews! Oregon is known for being a walkable big city, making it a great place to take your pup for a stroll if you’re looking for some serious exercise on your vacation.

British Columbia, Canada – Obviously British Columbia is rather large and contains many, many destinations within it. However, there are so many beautiful, dog-friendly areas that it’s hard to choose just one! Not only does British Columbia boast 22 dog-friendly restaurants, it is also home to dozens of dog-friendly parks, as well as dog-friendly hiking trails with breathtaking views. Take a scenic harbor tour by ferry in Victoria, or hike the stunning 6.2-mile Joffre Lake trail in Pemberton. Wherever your trip takes you, you’re sure to find a stunning adventure with your pup.

These are just a few of the hundreds of dog-friendly vacation destinations within North America. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something to cure that travel itch!

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