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The Printable New Dog Checklist

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Inquiring minds want to know: will you name him Indiana Bones or Captain Chaos? You've almost decided, and you're giddy with excitement over his impending arrival. Your first days together will be a combination of endless cuddles and kisses mixed with long nights of whining and puppy biting, all of which may leave you feeling totally in love one minute and wondering what on earth you've signed up for the next. Don't get us wrong: we believe having a dog is one of life's most rewarding experiences but it's a big responsibility too. You'll thank yourself later if you take some time to prepare for his arrival in advance. We've put together a simple, printable checklist that covers recommended new dog gear, emergency contact numbers, and other essentials.

What have we forgotten? Let us know in the comments so we can include your ideas in future updates.

Good luck with your new dog, and remember that the best thing you can have waiting home for him is the gift of unconditional love!

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