New Car Care Products Eliminate Pet Odors

Kurgo® Introduces New Car Care Line of Odor Eliminators

February, 2014 (Salisbury, MA) – Giving owners another solution to bringing their pets along, Kurgo® is proud to announce the release of their new car care line with upholstery cleaner, waterless shampoo, and odor eliminator to keep cars and canines fresh at all times.

“As a brand dedicated to getting pets and owners out together, it was a natural progression for us to eliminate the common problem of odors associated with active animals,” said Gordie Spater, Kurgo President. “We want our Car Care Line to be another convenient answer to common reasons owners opt out of bringing their pet along.”

Give Fido a quick spritz of the Waterless Shampoo before getting into the car to eliminate oily grime and odors. For best results, comb shampoo through the coat and towel dry any excess.

Mud, water, and filth, oh my! Say goodbye to muddy paw prints on the seat with Kurgo’s Upholstery Cleaner. Spot-cleaning the stains from Fido is as convenient as dampen, spray, and blot.

Get rid of musty smells quickly and easily with the Odor Eliminator. Boasting the scent of fresh cucumber, simply spray the upholstery, rugs, and air around Fido and ride home breathing freely.