Leash to Seatbelt Buckle


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Turn your leash into a tether. Make it a tethersh.

Okay, we’re bad at portmanteaux, but we’re pretty good at making your life easier. The Leash to Seatbelt Buckle is simple: it’s a seatbelt buckle you can attach to any 1" flat-webbing leash, so you can walk your dog, walk her right into the car, and then buckle that leash right into the female slot of your car’s existing seatbelt system. The only way to make it easier is to teach your dog to buckle it herself. We’ll leave that to you.

  • All steel construction
  • Nesting buckle system
  • Compatible with any flat webbing 1" leash
  • Adjustable length
  • Designed to prevent distracted driving. Not crash tested
  • Incompatible with Volvo. Not recommended for Ford F-Series trucks


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