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Don't let Fido take YOU for a walk

Kurgo's Walk Harness is designed to train your dog to be a better walker. Most harnesses encourage dogs to pull because of a dog's natural opposition reflex - think of sled dogs pulling against pressure. The key to this harness is theKK chest area D-Ring. When the dog begins to pull ahead, the chest D-Ring corrects the dog's pulling instinct by reorienting their pull to the side. Best of all, the harness is quick and easy to put on, allowing you both maximum time for a walk.

  • Great "learn to walk" harness
  • Easy on and off design
  • Padded chest and back plates
  • Assist handle on the back for added control
  • Chest D-ring gently corrects pulling
  • Back d-ring for addition leash hook option
  • Reflective trim for added visibility
  • 3 points of adjustment for a better fit

Product Notes

  • The Walk About Harness is designed to help train your dog to be a better walker
  • This harness is not recommended for very strong pullers or aggressive dogs
  • For best results the harness should fit snugly on the dog, with no more that 1-2 fingers being able to fit between the harness and your dog. The snug fit is important so that when walking, the harness does not move around and chafe underneath the dog’s front leg.
  • When properly fit, the back and belly straps should resemble a vertical line and the chest strap will be horizontal, resting over the dog’s breastbone. It should not “hang down”, gap, or ride up. If this happens, you may need a different size or further adjust.

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Size Chart

Measure chest and neck to determine harness size. The fit should be snug but not restrictive. See our guide on How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness. or watch the below video.

SizeChest (A)Breed size comparison
X-Small12 - 18 in (30 - 46cm)Yorkie, Chihuahua
Small16 - 22 in (41 - 56 cm)Jack Russel, Sheltie
Medium18 - 28 in (46 - 71 cm)Border Collie, Spaniels
Large24 - 34 in (61 - 86 cm)Labs, Goldens, Sheperds
X-Large28 - 44 in (71 - 112 cm)Great breeds & oversized



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