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There’s no doubt about it — walks are exciting. We’re here for the times when you just need to rein it in.

The Walk About Reins is made with a polyester webbing that can withstand 120lbs of weight. It’s equipped with a padded handle as well as two convenient swivel carabiners that can attach at both the front and back D-rings on your pup’s harness. This Two Point Control design gives you the opportunity to redirect your dog by turning his body back towards you whenever he tries to pull you along. The swivel carabiners also prevent tangles, so say goodbye to stopping to straighten the leash every ten feet. With continued use as a training tool, the Walk About Reins will effectively discourage your dog’s pulling by making it less successful. The Walk About Reins is shorter than your average leash; it’s 36-52cm adjustable length is designed to keep your pup close to you so you have more control. If you’d like to give your dog a little more leeway, just unclip one of the swivel carabiners and extend the straps to create a four-foot single leash.

  • Polyester webbing withstands 120 of weight
  • Steel connection points (swivel snap hooks and handle carabiner)
  • Lightweight aluminum slides and d-ring
  • Padded handle
  • Compatible with any harness that has a chest and back d-ring−Adjustable length
  • Can be used as a two-point control system or a single 4-foot leash

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