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Carrier Keeper


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Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. A comfortable old sweater. A perfectly aged hoodie. For some dogs, that hoodie is his or her crate.

Take the comfort wherever you go with the Carrier Keeper, an idea that’s as simple as it is perfect: straps that allow you to leave your dog in that cozy crate when you travel, simply strapping it into the car safely and securely. Compatible with any crate that will fit in your backseat, and fully compatible with any seatbelt.

  • No-slip adjusters provide security
  • Compatible with all seat belts and pet crates
  • Easy release with push of button
  • Straps extend 8 feet from end to end
  • Does NOT include carrier. Just the straps.

Caution: Always check seat belt straps and closures for damage or signs of wear before you leave for your trip. Make sure your dog always has proper ventilation, and never leave them alone in your vehicle. 

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