3 ​Dog Friendly Cities In The U.S.A.

3 Dog Friendly Cities In The U.S.A.

Posted by Stephanie Kuklish on 18th August 2016



Most Dog Friendly Cities

Let’s face

your dog is an important member of your family and deserves to enjoy its
vacation destination or new hometown just as much as its human counterpart. Not
every city is considered “dog-friendly,” but those that aren’t are severely
behind the times. There are so many travelers these days opting to share
their adventure with their pooch instead of leaving them behind in a kennel, and that group is only growing!

Here are a few of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. and some excellent
ideas of what to do while you are there.

San Francisco,

Seeing that
there are more dogs in San Francisco than children, this city offers some
pretty impressive running and leisure spots that you can bring your dog along to.
As with most places, you want to check before you just show up with your dog,
and some of the national parks near San Francisco don’t recommend their area
because of coyote populations, so you want to read regulations before letting your dog run free. If you are looking for a park where your dog can be off-leash,
Crissy Park is an excellent choice!

If you are
looking for a place for human and dogs alike to relax while you have a brew and
maybe some lunch in the beautiful California weather,
Holy Water, formerly known as The Stray Bar, is the perfect place for you and your
pooch. Holy Water welcomes dogs, from puppy sized to Great Danes, and even
insists you bring them to their late night happy hour. If something a little
less crowded is your aim, then try
The Homestead, where you are more likely to find
people reading than getting crazy.

New York City, New York

If you think
bringing your pup to the crazy hustle and bustle of NYC is insane, think
again. There are so many dog-friendly restaurants, bars, and parks in NYC you
won’t run out of things to do. If you want a leisure day in the park, take your
dog to the famous Central Park, and make sure to look up the specific off-leash
hours so he can have a good run. If you want something a little smaller and
comfortable, try Sirius Dog Run in Battery Park where off-leash is all the

After the
two of you work up an appetite hanging out in the park all day, make your way
over to The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park where there is a human menu and
a dog menu to choose from. Even in the cooler season,
The Shake Shack provides outdoor heaters to keep you
and the pooch warm and comfortable. If you are looking to have a beer,
d.b.a. in The East Village doesn’t serve food so your dog is
happily welcomed inside or outside on the porch.

Denver, Colorado

though the weather is touchy, is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the
country, especially with all the nearby outdoor adventures available. Start
your day out in Denver by taking the 5 hour, 6.8-mile hike along the Platte
River Greenway. This trail follows along the river with views of the former
agricultural capital of Denver. There are sandy beaches and a few working farms
along this hike. If you are looking for more of a park atmosphere The Railyard
Dog Park is perfect for any dog with it's all fenced in area and two different
dog runs for faster and slower pooches. This park is great for the young pup or
the wise senior.

 If you are looking for a later
spot, the
Forest Room 5 caters their outdoor patio to our
furry friends. The area is fenced in and resembles sitting around the campfire
on an outdoor adventure. Your dog will enjoy the feel just as much as you will
while you enjoy your drink and relax. 

Wherever you
choose to go, don’t leave your furry friend behind, there are a plethora of
choices out there for canine and human fun at the same time.

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