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Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are essential for “pups on the go” who enjoy an active lifestyle. They help keep your dog safe and comfortable on their next adventure, while providing you greater control over your pup when you need it. Kurgo dog harnesses are designed to fit securely and snugly around your dog’s chest. They feature up to two leash attachments, handles for easy assistance, and multiple adjustment points for a near-custom fit.

The Benefits of a Dog Harness

A dog harness will make your next outing, whether around the block or up the mountain, more enjoyable for you and your pup. Unlike a collar, which can put pressure around your dog’s neck, a dog harness distributes tension equally across the chest and body. Kurgo dog harnesses also help reduce pulling, which is both an annoyance and a safety hazard. Similar to a dog halter, a harness allows you to easily redirect your pup when they try to yank you toward another dog, person, or roadside treat. While out adventuring, the handles on the top of the harness make it easy to reach down and lift your pup over a puddle or boulder. The front and back leash attachments prevent the leash from getting tangled in your dog’s legs.

Which Kurgo Dog Harness Is Best for Your Pup?

Whether you’re heading out for a walk, run, or long trek, Kurgo has the perfect dog harness for your pup. We offer a variety of dog walking harnesses to meet your dog where he’s at, whether new to a harness or a seasoned adventurer. Our no pull dog harness helps train your dog not to pull, providing a more comfortable and less stressful outing for both you and your dog. Our active dog harnesses are designed with durability and flexibility in mind, using rugged materials that will stand up to whatever conditions await your pet on the trail. Planning an extended journey? Your pup will be self-sufficient in our gear- and accessory-ready MOLLE compatible harnesses and gear, including the RSG County MOLLE vest harness and RSG Townie MOLLE vest harness.

Kurgo’s car safety harness will keep your dog secure on the way to the trailhead. The harness incorporates into your car’s safety belt system with multiple points of adjustment for the perfect fit.

All Kurgo dog harnesses come in a range of sizes, whether you’re looking for a small dog harness for your Pug, a medium dog harness for your beagle, or a large dog harness for your Mastiff.


How to put on a dog harness

Kurgo dog harnesses are available in a variety of styles. How you put a dog harness on your pup will depend upon the style of Kurgo dog harness you purchased. Your harness will come with accompanying information to explain exactly how to put it on your dog and adjust it to fit properly.

How to measure for a dog harness

Every Kurgo dog harness product comes with a size guide. You’ll find the suggested sizing on the back of the box and in the online product description. To get started, you’ll first need to measure your dog’s chest and neck and check his weight. This diagram and handy video will explain how to measure your dog to get the perfect fit for your dog harness.

Is there a diagram for how to put on a dog harness?

Yes, this three-step guide and diagram will walk you through the process of putting an overheard dog harness on your dog.