RSG Dog Townie Harness

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It’s time for adventure! Let’s not spend 15 minutes putting on the dog harness

Getting your dog in and out of her harness doesn’t get much easier than the RSG Townie Harness, with its single-buckle design. Lightweight and simple in the extreme, it’s the harness for dogs and their parents who see every snap, clip, and strap as a barrier to fun. But simplicity doesn’t mean sacrificing strength. The Townie stands up to even the strongest dogs and their ambitious adventures. And with the MOLLE-compatible design, you can easily attach everything from an RSG Hydration Flask to Panniers, and you’re off in the flash.

Recommended Accessories

RSG Pack Pannier : The RSG Pack Pannier turns your Townie Harness into a pack for day or weekend trips. You can add one or two depending on your packing needs.

RSG First Aid Kit : If you own a dog, you should own a first aid kit. The RSG First Aid Kit is the perfect companion to your Townie Harness. The 49- piece kit includes a Pet First Aid Guide.

RSG Hydration Flask : MOLLE-compatible hydration flask to keep your dog hydrated on your next outing. Holds 12 oz. of water. 

RSG YORM Treat Bag : Short for "You or Me", you'll be able to reward your dog for every bit of good behavior. The bag can hold a standard 12 oz. can.

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Size Chart

SizeNeck (A)Chest (B)Dog Weight
X-Small9 - 13 in (23 - 33 cm)12 - 18 in (30 - 46 cm)5 - 10 lbs (2 - 5 kg)
Small12 - 20 in (30 - 50 cm)16 - 22 in (41 - 56 cm)10 - 25 lbs (5 - 11 kg)
Medium16 - 25 in (40 - 63 cm)18 - 28 in (46 - 71 cm)25 - 50 lbs (11 - 23 kg)
Large18 - 30 in (46 - 76 cm)24 - 34 in (61 - 86 cm)50 - 80 lbs (23 - 36 kg)
X-Large24 - 35 in (61 - 89 cm)28 - 44 in (71 - 112 cm)80 - 110 lbs (36 - 50 kg)

Measure chest and neck to determine harness size. The fit should be snug but not restrictive. See our video below or our guide on How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness.



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