Car Seat Covers

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Car Seat Covers

Want to bring your pup along for the ride, but could do without the dog hair, dirt, and slobber on your car seats? A car seat cover will protect your car from dog wear and tear, so you never have to think twice about bringing your pup on your next adventure.

Kurgo offers a variety of durable car seat protectors for dogs to meet your car travel needs, whether your dog rides in the front seat, back seat, or cargo area. All Kurgo seat covers are made with strong fabric and are stain resistant and waterproof. They feature multiple points of attachment for a secure fit, openings for easy seatbelt access, and storage pockets for toys and treats.

Which Kurgo dog seat cover is the right one for you?

It depends on where your dog prefers to sit. Bucket seat covers are the perfect solution for dogs that prefer—and are welcome in —the front passenger seat, although they can also be used on single seats elsewhere in the vehicle. They are designed to fit snugly around the bottom and back of the seat. For back-seat furry companions, our popular bench seat covers provide door-to-door protection, without sacrificing human passenger seating. Made with rugged, waterproof materials, Kurgo’s bench seat covers provide a dependable barrier between your seat and anything your dog brings in, i.e., moisture, dirt, and dog hair. They come in several styles to fit your travel needs, all with multiple attachment points—top, middle, and under-seat—to keep the seat cover firmly in place. Most standard bench seats are 55 inches wide. For longer seats, check out our dog seat covers for trucks. Another back-seat solution, a dog hammock offers all-around protection from paws and toenails, extending from the back of the front seat to the front of the back seat. The hammock seat design prevents dogs from falling into the footwell, while doubling as a barrier to keep your pup from jumping up front. Most of our dog car hammocks feature center zippers, so you can fold back half to make space for a human passenger. If your dog typically rides in the way back, Kurgo’s cargo cover will keep your cargo area free of dirt and grime. The cover lays flat in the storage area with multiple attachment points to keep it securely in place. A center zipper makes it easy to fold the seats up and down as needed. And when the ride’s over, a waterproof bumper guard folds out to protect your bumper from sharp claws.

Car Door Guards

Does your dog like to lean his head out the window? Then you’ll want to protect the door and windowsill from scratches, dirt, and moisture. Kurgo’s car door guard is an excellent complement to any car seat protector for dogs. Locking tabs fit between the window and windowsill to keep the door guard securely in place.


Can you wash dog seat covers?

Washing by hand and hang drying is the best way to care for your Kurgo seat covers. Each Kurgo car seat cover comes with its own cleaning instructions.

What is the best dog car seat cover?

The best car seat covers are made of extra strong, waterproof, and stain-resistant fabric. They have double-stitched seams and piping along the edges to catch mud and water. They also feature seatbelt openings and multiple points of attachment to ensure they stay put as your dog moves around.

How can I protect my leather car seats from my dog?

A car seat cover is the best way to protect your leather seats from muddy paws and scratching nails. When searching for the best seat covers for leather seats, durability and coverage are key. All Kurgo seat covers are designed to cover every inch of your interior seating and stay in place. Made with strong, waterproof fabric and piped edges, you can rest easy knowing nothing’s getting through to those beautiful seats.

Do dog seat covers work?

Dog car seat covers keep hair, dirt, and grime off your car seats. They also protect your upholstered and leather seats from water and claw marks. To maximize effectiveness, make sure your seat cover fits properly and is anchored in place.

How do you make a dog seat cover?

DIY car seat covers could be a money-saving option if your routine is limited to short outings to the dog park. But if you have bigger adventures in mind, where dirt and water are involved, you won’t want to skimp on seat protection. (Money saved now could mean money spent later when sharp claws enter the picture.) However, if you’re a crafty person and want to give it a go, you can find instructions online for a variety of seat cover designs.