5 Must-Haves to Conquer Mud and Messes

5 Must-Haves to Conquer Mud and Messes

Posted by Brooke Spater on 19th April 2019

Photo by @palmettomoonpointers on Instagram

It’s brown
and mushy and has its own distinct aroma.

It’s a dog’s
equivalent of a kid being in a candy store.

Any guesses?

It’s mud.

Not only do
most dogs love it, many are full-on fanatical about it. When your dog is wildly
rolling around on its back, it’s normal to oscillate between laughing out loud
and being close to tears. Yet to witness their pure joy begs the question: Why
not just let them roll themselves into complete ecstasy and deal with the
aftermath later?

When the
romp is over, that’s when the clean-up begins. You’re not going to let that
part ruin your day though. You consider yourself a fun-loving human who wants to
support your pup’s endless quest for adventures, even if that means they fully
submerge themselves in thick mud, right?

What you don’t want to do is be fooled into
thinking a tattered old towel and a bottle of water will be enough to tackle the mess. Additionally, many
of these outings will take place away from home, so your garden hose often won’t
be an option.

Here you
will find 5 items designed to handle even the most stubborn mud. We’re sharing tips on what
to do before you go, suggestions for easy to clean products, and how to have your dirty dog looking spic-and-span
in no time.

Before you go:

Photo by @palmettomoonpointers on Instagram

Seat Covers

Take measures before you go to protect
your seats from muddy paws before you even leave the driveway. There are a
variety of seat protection options for all types of vehicles. Having the proper
seat protection in place is critical to keeping your seats clean and your dirty
dog properly contained. From bench seat covers to hammocks, there are a wide
variety of car seat cover options to choose from. For a thorough guide on what to
buy, be sure to read our complete dog car seat cover guide.

Muck Collar

Fabric and leather collars
don’t perform well in the mud, never mind trying to return them to their original state after. Filth is no match for these stink-free and
odor-free 100% waterproof Muck Collars. They are made with special flexible coating
that will allow your dog to live life to the fullest outside. When you get
home, you can easily hose them off or even put them in the dishwasher from time to
time. They are available in 8 vibrant patterns and varying sizes.

Muck Leash

Wouldn’t it
be great to know you aren’t going to destroy your leash just because it gets covered in mud?
The perfect complement to our Muck Collars, the Muck Leash will easily clean up
at the end of your outing. It features a nice padded handle, is 54” long, and
won’t hold moisture, dirt, or bacteria in. As part of your clean-up routine, you
can spray it down or even run it through the dishwasher. Available in 6 vibrant patterns.


After the mud:

Go Shower

Old gallon water bottles
are no match for the Go Shower. This portable dog shower can be used anywhere
from a nearby tree branch or the frame of your car door. You’ll be able to
clean your dog with both hands and then grab a towel from one of the attached webbing
loops to dry him off. It holds 6 liters of water, which is more than ample for thoroughly
cleaning even a larger dog. It’s easy to pack and rolls up for storage when you’re
through and is built with sturdy rip-stop fabric to withstand long term use. It
includes an attached bottle opener, perfect for cracking a drink to celebrate how
easy it was to clean up your pup. Note: If you leave the shower in the sun, the water will be warm for your dog!

Photo by @longhaultrekkers on Instagram

Mud Dog Shower

If the Go Shower is more than you need for the task at hand, the
Mud Dog Shower will clean up your pup’s dirty paws or muddy gear in a flash. It
turns any plastic soda bottle into a portable shower that will last over a minute
if you use a 2-liter bottle. Store one in your car or backpack along with a
towel and enjoy your time getting dirty on the trail knowing clean up will be a cinch. Note: If you leave the bottle in the sun, the water will be
warm for your dog!



What other tips or tools do you recommend for cleaning up muddy dogs when out adventuring?


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