8 Colorado Breweries that Welcome Your Dog

8 Colorado Breweries that Welcome Your Dog

Posted by Cameron Kinney on 22nd Apr 2018

Dog Friendly Brewery

Typically known for its ski-slopes, sunshine, and dog-friendly hiking trails, Colorado is also becoming known for its thriving craft beer scene. With over 300 breweries across the state, there are always plenty of options for new places to visit and new brews to try. But perhaps the most important deciding factor for many when choosing their libation locale is: Where can I go that allows me to bring my furry friends along?  Not to fear, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog-friendly breweries the state of Colorado has to offer.


Denver Beer Company

A staple of Denver, the Denver Beer Company has a great outdoor patio with big community style tables where pups are welcome. The environment isn’t the only great thing, as they make some killer beers and have some delicious food to boot - I’d recommend trying the Incredible Pedal IPA.

Great Divide Brewing

Shout out to any puppy parents who named their dog Yeti! Makers of one of my favorite stouts, the Yeti Imperial Stout, Great Divide actually has two locations in Denver. One serves as their packaging and barrel bar in RiNo, while their main location in the heart of downtown has a great outdoor seating area, giving you an exciting city view. Bring the pup along on a nice day because the outdoor seating area is the only space where they are allowed.

Thirsty Monk

Not necessarily unique to Colorado, but still a great place to grab a brew and a meal. Just outside the heart of downtown and only a few blocks from the amazing City Park, this is a great place to visit after a long day on the trails. Home to some unique traditional Belgian style beers, the Thirsty Monk’s patio is full of life pretty much any day of the week. And obvi dog-friendly.

Brewery that welcomes dogs

Colorado Springs

Bristol Brewing

Making its home in an old elementary school, Bristol brewing has an amazing patio that hosts its fair share of sunbathing pups throughout the summer months. Perhaps Bristol’s biggest claim to fame is one of their all-time best selling beers, the Laughing Lab Scottish Ale! Here is the awesome story behind how the Laughing Lab got its name, directly from one of the founders, Amanda Bristol:

“We love the typical lab personality. At any given moment, you can pretty much count on a lab to be friendly, sociable, willing, hungry, thirsty, exceedingly happy, and a great enjoyer of life, which is an approach we aspire to and think fits well with the philosophy of our brewery.”


Named after the three-headed “hound of Hades”, Cerberus could hardly keep dogs from entering its gates. Makers of one my all-time favorite beers, the Tiny Umbrella Party IPA, Cerberus offers a great outdoor seating area where dogs are not only allowed, but welcomed. Be sure to give the pub fries a try - they are fantastic!

Ok, so this entry cheats a little (since they don’t technically qualify as a brewery), but Pubdog 100% deserves to be on this list. This place was quite literally designed with your pup in mind. With a 3,000 sq.ft. fenced-in outdoor play area, and a completely dog friendly patio and indoor eating space, it is the first and only fully dog-approved eatery in Colorado Springs.


Avery Brewing

With a fairly new location on the edge of Boulder, Avery puts itself in prime territory for dog owners. Not only do they have a dog friendly outdoor seating area, but the brewery neighbors an off-leash dog park with a pond. They are also big dog lovers themselves - check out their award winning  Ellie’s Brown Ale!

Oskar Blues

Although they have a few different locations in Colorado, the Longmont Oskar Blues is the place to be with its wide ranges of beers, a gorgeous patio, and the potential to spot the famous brew pup himself, Oskar the dog. You might need to take a tour to find him, but it is well worth it.

Breweries can be one of the great gathering places for dog owners and dog lovers alike, so the next time you’re in Colorado, be sure the make a stop at one of there many amazing breweries, and don’t be afraid to bring your pup!

Cameron Kinney is the Director of Customer Success for USEED, but in his spare time he and his dog Abe are freelance gear, beer, and event reviewers based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He guest writes on UpaDowna.org and run’s his own review site, TheReviewCo.com.