Dog Friendly Brewers

Dog Friendly Brewers

Posted by Dan Hinds on 24th September 2016

With today the first official day of fall, our minds and taste buds turn to beer - brewfests, Oktoberfests, brew pubs, brewery tours. Good beer and dogs are two of man’s best friends, so it’s no surprise that you so often find them together. It’s common to see dogs on beer labels, dogs in beer names, and even dogs in a lot of great breweries, lending their expertise and company. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beers from around the country that are also dog friendly for you. Read on and then shoot to the store and try them for yourself.

Sea Dog Brewing Co

Sea Dog Brewing is famous for their quality beer and fluffy white dog in a rain hat logo. They started brewing on the coast of Maine, but have since expanded with locations spread all around the country.

The dog on their label was the owner’s, a super friendly Great Pyrenees named Barney. Officially dubbed an apprentice brewmaster, Barney used his breeds protective instincts to watch over the brew kettle as it came to a boil. His other favorite activity was goign for rides in the boat and jumping overboard for random swims, earning him the nickname “Sea Dog.” Inspired by his dedication, Sea Dog named their brewery after him and also made him their logo. A very fitting tribute!

Smuttynose Brewing

Smuttynose has a lot of great beers, but their Old Brown Dog is particularly of note to beer and dog lovers both. On the label is Olive, a Brittany Spaniel-Weimeraner mix, who belonged to the co-owners of the company. She was adopted in the early 90s from a rescue organization and they put her on the beer to pay tribute to her. She’s since passed away, but you can still find her on every bottle of Old Brown Dog, and occasionally on other labels, like the small batch Really Old Brown Dog, where she’s sitting on her favorite chair, on her favorite beach, with her favorite people.


Two traditional German brewers, Hagen and Bill, decided they would open their own brewery in Chicago. While they were building their brewery and perfecting their recipes, they worked out of Hagen’s house, where he lived with his human family and Bingo, his Basset Beagle mix. The dog was a constant presence during the brewing and testing phases, and the two brewmasters knew that their brewery would have to be dog friendly.
They’ve since opened, and Bingo and any other dog are more than welcome. It’s a common site at the brewery to see dogs and humans sharing booths and tables. To make it even more welcoming, Dovetail is making homemade dog treats from the leftover grains from the brewing process!

Flat 12

Flat 12 is a microbrewery in Indianapolis that has worked dogs into their brewery in a few ways. Dogs are allowed in with their owners to sit and have a drink, but they don’t have to watch jealously, because Flat 12 has a non-alcoholic beer on tap specifically or dogs. Each round of the brew costs a buck, and all the proceeds go to local shelters. It’s made from a soup stock mixed with brewer’s yeast and wort, and brave patrons who’ve tried it say it tastes like a strange soup, but the dogs all love it.

“I think every employee here owns a dog,” said the brewery’s Valerie Green. “We are all very dog-friendly.”

Laughing Dog Brewing

Laughing Dog Brewing started small with an effort to create beers with more hops, but it has since turned into a bustling brewery with over 15 award winning beers, including everything from IPAs and stouts to specialized seasonals.

For their logo and all of their beer labels, they use their beloved Yellow Lab named Ben. He has been a constant companion to owners Fred and Michelle Colby, and they wanted to make sure he felt involved in the finished product. Often times they would even involve Ben in their beer discussions, letting the dog smell their new ideas and give barks of approval.

Ben is getting old, but he’s already training his son Ruger to continue on the legacy of dog-vetted brews.

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