4 Steps To A Clean Car

4 Steps To A Clean Car

Posted by Brooke Spater on 16th May 2018

At Kurgo, we consider dogs to be part of the family and we know you love having them come along on every adventure. Often times these outings involve mud, sand, or water and before you know it your car is filthy. We've put together 4 tips to help keep your car clean so you can focus on planning your next outing instead of worrying about how to get your pups home without destroying your car.


Seats that are consistently dirty are hard to ever totally bring back to near-new condition. Did you know that a recent study showed an increase in resale value of over $2000 for cars where seat protection had been used? We offer a wide range of seat protection products for all types of cars. They are easy to install and to clean, come in a wide range of colors, and will hold up for endless excursions.




Whether they just took a swim or got caught in the rain, dogs get wet. Always have a towel on hand to quickly clean up dirty paws before they leave prints all over your backseat. A wet dog also smells, so ensure everyone everyone has a pleasant and dry ride home by thoroughly toweling your pup off beforehand. Consider keeping a handful of towels on hand just for your dog so that you will always have one available.



If you don't stay on top of it, dog hair can accumulate very quickly in the car. While some dogs shed more than others, dog owners can benefit from owning a good grooming tool. to comb their dog on a regular basis. If you're discovering lots of unwanted hair on your seats, find a tool you like to sweep the hair into a pile and remove it.



Staying on top of cleaning your car takes a little extra work but will pay off in the end. Think about keeping a shop vacuum in your garage to go over the interior of your car once a week. Shake out your floor mats on a regular basis and find a few minutes to wipe down surfaces where unwanted dirt and dog hair may have accumulated. For smells, consider using an odor eliminating spray or leave your windows down to air out the car in nice weather.

Brooke Spater runs Social Media Marketing at Kurgo. Amongst other things, she manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and 90 lb. Goldendoodle named Baxter.

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