​How to Conquer Mud & Messes in the Car

​How to Conquer Mud & Messes in the Car

Posted by Andie Missert on 26th Apr 2018

Let’s face it, dogs are messy. Whether it's mud, snow, sand, or any other type of dirt – they love to roll around in it and we then need to clean it up. Follow these easy steps for how to conquer mud and messes in the car.

Cover Your Seat

The first step to conquering mud and messes in the car is investing in a car seat cover. Depending on your vehicle and your dog’s favorite driving position, your car seat protection will vary. Let’s start in the front seat. If your dog sits on the passenger side, consider a bucket seat cover. This will cover the entirety of the seat so no mud will touch the fabric or leather. For back seat riders there are two options – a bench seat cover or a wander hammock. A bench seat cover goes over the seat part of a vehicle from the head rest to the floor. On the other hand, a hammock connects from the head rests of the passenger seats, to the head rests of the middle row. This covers the entirely of this part of the car. No mud or dirt can escape to the seats themselves, the floor, or the backs of the passenger seats. For dogs that enjoy riding in the cargo area of an SUV, a cargo cape is the way to go.

Keep Extra Towels in the Car

Before your dog even gets in the car, make sure all mud and dirt is wiped away. Keep extra towels in the car for those muddy moments. Plus, you never know when you’ll spill your morning coffee or water, yourself! An old beach towel is a great option for capturing all those muddy messes before they became a disaster.

Keep Trash Bags Handy

Extra trash bags in the car is super helpful whether you have a muddy dog in the car, or a clean one! Trash can add up easily in a combined space. Also, if you need to wipe down your dog, you don’t want to put a muddy towel down on your seat or floor – the mud will still transfer there from the towel. If you have plastic bags from quick grocery store runs, keep a few in your car for messy occasions. If you have a reusable bag you don’t mind getting dirty, that’s even better.

Clean Often & Well

When mud and dirt go unnoticed in your car for a long time, it becomes harder and harder to clean. Don’t let messes sit – clean them up as soon as they happen. For dog owners with car seat covers, toss them in the washing machine on a regular basis so that they don’t begin to smell. Big messes can be intimidating to clean, so clean smaller ones often and well.

Find A Hair Collector Tool that Works for You

Besides mud and dirt, dog hair is also something that can make a car very dirty. While a car seat cover can capture most of this, we know that hair can get just about everywhere. Find the right hair collecting tool that works for you to brush all of it off of car seats. Try a shed sweeper for quickly wiping away any dog hairs from your car.

While cleaning may not be the most fun activity as a dog owner, as long as you stay on top of mud and messes with these tips – you should be able to enjoy even more quality time with your dog!

Andie Missert is a Marketing Specialist at Kurgo. Amongst other things, she manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys reading about unique adventures that dog owners go on with their pups.