Kurgo Running Team: Maureen Gillespie (VIDEO)

Kurgo Running Team: Maureen Gillespie (VIDEO)

Posted by Kaitlyn Manktelow on 31st August 2017

Kurgo's running team is based in New England and represents Kurgo by running dog-friendly road races in the area. We hope they inspire everyone to Go Together more with their dogs.

 "This dog is my soul mate," Runner Maureen Gillespie says about her pup Zorro, who probably hadn't seen a human before she rescued him.

At first, Zorro wouldn't leave his crate or let Gillespie near him for months. Over time she gained his trust, and after nearly a year, Zorro left the house for the first time. Since then the two of them are inseparable and can be seen running in various canine races (Zorro was the 3rd fastest dog at the last race!).

Check out their inspiring video below, and keep an eye out for more of our Runner Profiles! Interested in joining us for a run? Here is a list of our upcoming Dog-Friendly Running Events.

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