Kurgo's Yard Games: Doggie Dart

Kurgo's Yard Games: Doggie Dart

Posted by Kaitlyn Manktelow on 3rd August 2018

Inspired by the classic dart game (but a lot more dog friendly!), our Doggie Dart is the perfect toy to keep you and your pup occupied for hours. We have a variety of games to play with our Darts that will give you a feeling of nostalgia, as well as satisfaction, knowing your dog is having fun while enhancing his/her skills. Check out these games below!

Catch me if you can!

This pulse-pounding game of chase will keep your dog engaged for hours.

Materials Needed: Doggie Dart, large area to run in

How to Play:

Capture your dog’s interest with the Doggie Dart, then drop the dart in front of them before quickly picking it up before your excited pup can. Take off running, away from your dog with the dart in hand and try to pick up the pace as they begin chasing you!

A helpful thing to remember is to continue maintaining boundaries while playing this game. Even though you are playing chase does not mean it is okay for them to jump up on you.

Skills This Game Enhances: Hunting and Fitness



Flirt Stick

Tap into your dog’s wild side using this hunting exercise.

Materials Needed: Doggie Dart, Stick, Rope, Small Area

How to Play:

Using any sturdy stick you find in your backyard, tie your doggie dart to it using some rope. Twitch the stick, capturing your dog’s attention. Once you have it, begin to wiggle and thrash the toy about, giving the illusion of a frightened, wild animal. Continue moving it erratically and watch as your dog tries to ‘hunt’ the ‘wild animal’.

You can allow your dog to easily catch the toy at first, but as they catch on to the game, allow it to get harder. Your job is to try to keep the toy away from your pup.

Skills This Game Enhances: Hunting and Fitness



Lawn Darts

Bring back the fun of your childhood darts, without any of the danger!

Materials Needed: Doggie Dart, Small Area

How to Play:

Create a target area (circle) that is about 3 feet in diameter, somewhere on your lawn. Command your dog to sit and wait while you throw the dart, trying to get a ‘bullseye’ or land it in the circle. Give yourself a point for each ‘successful’ throw. Make sure your dog is still sitting obediently, then give them the command to retrieve the toy.

To further enhance your dog’s training, teach them not to step into the ring or bullseye without that additional command.

Skills This Game Enhances: Reasoning, Attention, Communication and Fitness



Toy Tub

We all love our pups, but everyone needs a moment to themselves! Use this game to keep your dog occupied while you have some alone time.

Materials Needed: Doggie Dart, Large Bin/ Bucket, Treats, Favorite Toys, Small Area

How to Play:

Put the Doggie Dart and other favorite toys in a sturdy bucket or bin. Put a handful of treats in the bin, letting them go all over and under the toys. This will keep your pup busy, trying to find all the treats while moving their toys around and out of the way.

You can also teach your dog to move the toys, eat the treats then clean up after themselves by putting the toys back in the bin.

Skills This Game Enhances: Hunting and Reasoning


With Kurgo’s Yard games, you can incorporate training with playing. Your dog will be learning and strengthening skills without realizing they are working at all! Playing games like these and other Yard Games will help strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

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