Loft Bed vs TaGo Bed...which should I get?

Posted by Maggie Marton, founder of on 20th October 2021

It’s adventure season!

Okay, let’s be real: For those of us who love living the outdoor life with our dogs, it’s adventure season all-year-round. The only thing that really changes is the gear.

No matter where you’re headed, though, one thing’s for certain. For overnight trips, you and your dog both need a solid place to sleep at night. It helps you recover from the day’s adventures and regain energy for the next day. So, what do you pack alongside your sleeping bag to help your dog get a good night’s rest while you’re out hiking or camping?

It depends.

Are you going backpacking? Or camping with your car at a nearby campsite? Are you staying at a cabin or an AirBnb? Or sleeping under the stars? And, perhaps most importantly, what’s your dog’s fitness level?

Here are two solid options with different scenarios.

A white and orange husky mix laying on the elevated TaGo Bed in front of a fire.

TaGo Bed

This option is great for a cabin or RV trip. It’s sizable, not really something you’d want to tote on a backpacking trip, but provides the perfect sleeping spot for when you’re staying in one place. Think car camping or VRBO. It’s a solid choice for dogs with joint problems since it provides a cushioned, elevated space. Because it’s raised, it helps your dog stay at a comfortable temperature--necessary for recovering after a tough day on the mountains. Even though it’s a bigger bed, the lightweight frame folds into a carrying case, making it easy to stow and tote.

Two Australian Shepherds laying on the Loft Dog Bed while camping.

Loft Bed

For backpacking trips, epic adventures, or rustic campsites, the Loft Bed makes an easily-totable, lightweight sleeping option for your dog. It rolls into a bundle with a handle, though you could always clip it to the bottom of your pack for hands-free hiking. It’s durable, water-resistant on top, and waterproof on bottom. Bonus: It’s machine washable, so you can keep it clean in between adventures.

Rest is critical to making the most of your adventures, but, remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all for gear for dogs. Every dog has a different body type and different physical needs. You might find you need both beds to accommodate the different adventures you two take together!

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