Meet the Kurgo Office Dogs!

Meet the Kurgo Office Dogs!

Posted by Chelsey Puffer on 18th December 2020

Over the past year, we've added some new furry faces to our Kurgo pack. With all of the craziness of 2020, our loyal companions have become our work from home buddies, landed starring roles in our TikToks, and have put a smile on our faces in even the toughest of times. What better way to ring in the New Year than to introduce our pups , the unsung heroes of the 2020 Kurgo team?

First up is Clover, a fresh-faced puppy:

The #1 Kurgo product on Clover's wishlist is the Baxter Dog Pack; she wants the option of carrying tons of treats as well as her hedgehog stuffy at all times! Her New Year's resolution is to stop eating delicious left over chewing gum that she finds on the side of the road during her daily walks.

Next is Oakley, a mild mannered and happy-go-lucky pup:

Oakley is looking forward to finding a North Country Coat under the tree this year. He LOVES the snow...but he gets cold so fast that he can’t enjoy it for as long as he wants too! The North Country Coat will help him extend his outdoor adventures. His New Year's resolution is to become brave enough to walk through the automatic sliding door at Petco. 

Meet Rico, the energetic love bug:


Rico asked Santa Paws for the Long Hauler Towline this year. He loves to explore with his mom, and this leash will give him those extra few inches to forge ahead. He's very ambitious this year with his New Year's resolutions—he has two! The first is to bark less at strangers, and the second is to go on more camping adventures.

Here's Stella, a Kurgo veteran:

The #1 item on her wish list is a new napping couch. According to Stella, this one is far too stanky! A new large Loft Bed would a great substitution. Her New Year's resolution is to get more excited about morning walks with mom. Stella doesn't enjoy the dark and cold mornings, but she knows it's supposedly good for her (according to mom). 

Here's Bindi, a 3 year old with the energy of a 3 month old:

Bindi hasn't met a sweater that she doesn't love; her short fur isn't exactly suited for New England winters! She'd love a Heather Violet K9 Core Sweater this year. Bindi's New Year's resolution is to stop intimidating the mail delivery person; they have important packages for mom!

Next up, we have the 3 Kurgo Muskateers—Beau, Guinness, and Dora (left to right):

Guinness, a 14 year old Chocolate Lab, wants a brand new Backseat Bridge this holiday season. He told his dad "I'm old and I need lots of extra room to lay down." We're right there with you, Guinness. His New Year's wish is to stick around for one more summer on the beach, his happy place. His favorite band is Pink.

Dora is a 5 year old Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Try saying that 5 times fast! She asked for a new Kurgo Loft Jacket this year because she "looks just so darn good in it." Her New Year's wish is that COVID ends so the free outdoor concerts at the beach can return. Her favorite band is the Dropkick Murphys.

Beau is a 5 year old Chocolate Lab who can't wait to get a new Tru-Fit Harness. His dad said that "as soon as he sees it come out of the closet, he goes crazy!" In his letter to Santa Paws, Beau wrote "I've been through a few different homes and love my new family, so my New Year's wish already came true." His favorite band is Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Brett is the pack leader of this rambunctious trio. He's a 50 year old surfer, biker, and skier. His Kurgo wishlist item is the Backseat Barrier. "With three I really need to explain why?" His New Year's wish is simple. "I need a better scooper!!! Three dogs = way too much poop." His favorite band is Led Zepplin. 

Last, but certainly not least, is our Kurgo cat, Rosie:

Rosie's Kurgo wish list item is, paws down, the G-Train. She wants to stow away safely and finally get outside! Her New Year's resolution is to not hiss at the strange little human Mom & Dad brought home 4 ½ years ago. 

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