New Year's Resolutions from the Kurgo Dogs

New Year's Resolutions from the Kurgo Dogs

Posted by Brooke Spater on 28th December 2018

Have you ever had a heart-to-heart
with your dog about self-improvement? New Year, new you, right? While the Kurgo office dogs are key
to keeping this place running, sometimes they misbehave too. Occasionally we catch someone rummaging through the trash, hoping they’ve
struck gold in the form of to someone’s leftover sandwich. It’s also
not uncommon to have to reprimand one or more of the dogs to stop barking,
either at the mailman or other office pups with whom they may have had an office
skirmish. We believe that dogs, like
humans, are always open to bettering themselves. Here are some of the New Year's resolutions from our crew!

Clover: Wag More,
Bark Less

My New Year's Resolution is to
be a better office greeter. When someone comes in the door at the office,
I can't help myself; I bark! Sometimes I smile at the same time, which
seems to really confuse visitors. I really love coming to the office, and I
know I get left at home because my mom doesn't want people to be afraid of me.
It's really embarrassing. To get better control of my emotions and my body, I
plan to start meditating, practicing yoga, and cutting out caffeine and sugar.
I want to come to Kurgo every day and be right at the door with Maya when we
have visitors. I may still smile, but if I keep my hackles and my voice down,
they'll know it's only because I am happy to see them.


Maya: Have More Fun

Who says blondes have more
fun? Not me! I’ve struggled with 3 surgeries and annual skin allergies for the
last three years, so I’ve been very restricted with what I can eat. I’ve
followed all my human’s rules by staying grain free and chicken free, and
although I feel great, my goal is to have more fun in the New Year!

1. I resolve to get
ALL the treats the UPS drivers bring in

2. I resolve to play
hard but carry no more than two toys at one time

3. I resolve to walk
softly and carry a stick no less than 5 times larger than my body

4. I resolve to turn
your black dress pants white with hair

5. I resolve to keep
my vet bills under the price of a new swimming pool


Stella: Quit
Dumpster Diving

I haven’t met a trash can I don’t love. For my New Year’s
Resolution, I will resolve not to surf the office garbage.

OK, I will only surf garbage cans with beef jerky wrappers
in it.

No, wait.

OK, I will only surf garbage cans with dirty tissues

Oh, but…

What about Brett’s garbage
can? It’s impossible to resist…


Embrace Senior Doodlehood

My days of early morning runs with my human,
Gordie, are a thing of the past but my energy is still high. I’ll be 9 in May!
I’m vowing to learn from my mistakes and be the best senior doodle I can be.

1. I resolve to accept that, at 90 lbs., I am
not a lap dog

2. I resolve to stop pooping in my neighbor’s

3. I resolve to work on giving people more
space because I'm very needy

4. I resolve to stop lying on the furniture
(but I'd really like my own sofa)

5. I resolve to finally catch a squirrel


Gus: Shoot For The Stars

Gus is the gift that keeps on
giving. He’s our warrior office dog and has managed to ward off cancer several
times, leading to the loss of one of his legs. That’s not slowing him down, and
Gus has set some lofty goals. Since every day is a gift for him, he’s shooting
for the stars and this will be his best (and healthiest) year ever!

1. I resolve to not
verbally harass the UPS driver

2. I resolve to stand
up for myself and not allow the cat to steal my bed

3. I resolve to handle
my irrational fear of houseflies with dignity and class (and not hide in the

4. I resolve to poop
without making intense eye contact with my dad

5. I resolve to pee on
inanimate objects ONLY

6. I resolve to beat
cancer for another year


Cala: Be My Best Self


1. Howl More! Bark

2. This is the year I
will conquer my fear of shiny floors!

Does your dog have any New Year's resolutions?

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