Buckle Pup

Check off these car safety to-do’s

Buckle Pup

Few things are better than packing up your car and hitting the road with your most loyal best friend, your dog. To keep the fun and good times rolling, we want to make sure you’re traveling as safely as possible. Travel alongside Kurgo and follow these tips to keep your dog safe during any road trip, whether its across town or across the country.

Buckle Up Your Pup

A crash tested harness is the first step in providing a safe travel environment for your dog while driving. Did you know that a 50 lb. dog can exert up to 1500 lbs. of force upon impact in an accident? This is hazardous to your dog’s life, as well as other passengers in the car.

Our Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness and Impact Harness are both crash tested and have a lifetime warranty. To learn how to correctly buckle your dog into the car using the Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness and a carabiner, follow these 3 Steps to Buckle Up Your Pup in the Car.

Buckle Up

Contain Your Dog in a Specific Area

Along with using a crash tested harness, containing you dog in a safe place in your car is also important. There are constant distractions on the road for drivers, and for dogs too. Keeping your dog contained in a specific area, such as the back seat or cargo areas, will prevent her from jumping into the front seat and causing you to take your eyes off the road. the Backseat Barrier is designed specifically to keep dogs out of the front seat and safe in their designated area.

Contain Your Dog in a Specific Area

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

Always expect the unexpected and keep an emergency kit for yourself and your dog in the car. Examples of items to keep in your kit are Band-Aids, gauze, scissors, tweezers, paper towels, etc. A great starting point is our Dog First Aid Kit. Adjust this by season and hobbies. In the winter, add an extra blanket and some dog (and human) snacks in case you get stuck in a snow storm. If you like to hike, be sure to include extra bandages, should your dog catch a sharp branch or interact with wildlife.

If you’re interested in learning more about pet first aid, check out our downloadable First Aid Guide.

Find the Right Travel Solution for You and Your Dog

There are endless travel solutions to keep you and your dog safe while traveling, and your car clean during road trips. Watch this video to determine which solution will be best for you. You’ll see options based on dog size and car type. Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Service Team at info@kurgo.com

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