Kurgo is committed to companionship, enabling people and dogs to go together, get outside, and confidently explore their worlds. In 2021, we decided to shift the focus of the Kurgo Foundation to encourage underrepresented communities to go outside with their pets. The Adventure Together Fund directly sponsors the creation of educational and aspirational content by BIPOC creators, LGBTQIA+ creators, creators with diverse gender identities, and creators with diverse body sizes. This is a collaborative effort where we work with these platforms to empower diverse voices in the outdoor space.

blue path service dogs

They provide autism service dogs that offer safety, companionship, and opportunities for independence. The service dogs help encourage trips outside of the home by keeping the child safe. The families pay a nominal equipment charge, but the dogs and lifetime support are free.

Launched in 2014, this is a rehabilitation program where inmates dedicate 10 weeks of training and socializing with shelter dogs. At the end of the program, the dogs earn their “Canine Good Citizen” certification through the AKC, helping them get placed with families, and many of the inmates are able to return to the community; becoming dog trainers, business owners, and working at nonprofits.

Lead by Jenny Bruso, Unlikely Hikers is a diverse outdoor community, hiking group, and podcast for the underrepresented hiker, representing BIPOC creators, LGBTQIA+ creators, and diverse body size creators.

Hi! My name is Nicol, and I hike, kayak, and camp with my corgi, Kaia, around the Canadian Rockies, when I'm not teaching and she's not being a trick dog champion! We've had many comments aimed at both human and pup that solidify the need for diversity in the outdoors. Diverse representation (of both humans that look like me and dogs that look like Kaia) is important to us so that we can all feel safe in our happy place!”

“Hola I'm Maricela (she/her/ella) and this is Dalí (mini dachshund) we both live in Los Angeles, CA the Ancestral lands of the Tongva people. I'm a conservationist for public lands, an ambassador for Latino Outdoors, and Dalí's best friend! Dalí is 14 years old loves cuddles, destroying toys, and sunbathing. We both spend time road-tripping, camping, and hiking. We both excited to be part of the Kurgo Familia. I believe diverse representation is vital for moving towards being culturally and socially relevant in outdoor spaces. Including how you go on adventures with older dogs and how you prepare trips to public lands.”

“As an Educator, Athlete, and Endurance Coach, the outdoors and wilderness are where my heart is happiest as I have completed over 500 races around the world in the past 23 years. It makes me even happier when I can share adventures with my pups. Meet my three pups: 13 year old labrador (Max), 11 year old boxer (Bruno), and 1 year old dudley labrador (Buster). I feel like my life is richer with them by my side from snuggles to mountain tops as we have climbed several mountain tops together. The more we can invite our diverse communities to enjoy the outdoors, the more we can find that true sense of connection. We'll see you on the trails!”

“Hi, I’m Sunshine and this is Sancho, my 1 year old Goldendoodle. I am originally from the Philippines, but in the last few years I’ve travelled all over the world. In 2020, when I adopted Sancho, I repositioned Withsunshinesol to focus on dog-friendly adventures partially to provide information, but also just to inspire people to do the same.

Representation is important because it can shape how minorities are viewed by society and how they view themselves. Its extremely important that we’re starting to see more diverse stories. Growing up, I rarely saw people that looked like me on-screen and it really impacted how I viewed myself and how others viewed me.”