Kurgo is committed to companionship, enabling people and dogs to go together, get outside, and confidently explore their worlds. In 2021, we decided to shift the focus of the Kurgo Foundation to encourage underrepresented communities to go outside with their pets. The Adventure Together Fund directly sponsors the creation of educational and aspirational content by BIPOC creators, LGBTQIA+ creators, creators with diverse gender identities, and creators with diverse body sizes. This is a collaborative effort where we work with these platforms to empower diverse voices in the outdoor space.

Diversify Vanlife is an intentional safe space and joyous community welcoming nomads and outdoor lovers who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S, and those with disabilities. Diversify Vanlife exists to elevate those who do not fit the white, cis, straight, able-bodied narrative of nomads and outdoorists represented in vanlife media.

DV believes in respectful road travel that honors the land and all living things, and promotes strong ties with individuals and organizations who share our values!

The evolving community was founded on an Earth love that runs deep, and a natural desire to reconnect to land, animal kin, the elements, and our truest, wildest natures as nomads. From the podcast and community blog, to events and social media, DV has given audiences a more accurate portrayal of what a diverse and inclusive community looks like in the outdoors, and proof that BIPOC are a real and respected presence outdoors.

Diversify Vanlife is led by a small but growing team of BIPOC nomads and allies who are working towards a beautiful vanlife landscape where ALL are welcomed, heard, educated, and supported.