Kurgo 2015 Office Redesign


In 2014, the Kurgo pack was running strong.

What had started as a couple of brothers with a passion for pets had grown into a bustling business with more employees (and dogs) than the space could handle. It was nose-to-tail living for a few months as we looked for a larger space to call our own, but there simply wasn’t anything that felt like home. So, in the traditional spirit of Yankee ingenuity that has guided our company since its conception, we went ahead and built it ourselves in our old warehouse.

The best doghouse ever.

Never content to do a thing halfway, we set out to build the coolest office we’ve ever seen. The structures are recycled steel shipping containers, the same ones that import our products. The finishing was done with wood that was lost in the rivers of Maine in the 1800s and just recently recovered. Our storage is a vintage 1956 Airstream, our seating is the first double chair lift from Sugarbush, and our ceiling canoe (you don’t have one?) belonged to our great grandfather. Together, these elements do more than make the space feel like home, they remind us of the passion for dogs and adventuring that led us to create Kurgo in the first place.



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"A Stratham designer is turning cargo containers into luxury living.

See how he turns metal boxes into homes and state-of-the art work spaces."