5 Dogs Who Love Winter

5 Dogs Who Love Winter

Posted by Brooke Spater on 15th March 2018

Winter is a
wonderful time to be outside with your dog.
Many dogs love running through the snow and are excited to partake in a
variety of outdoor activities despite the chilly temperatures. Meet 5 Dogs who are
ready for anything when it comes to winter fun and learn how they make the most
of the season.

from @mountain_cow 


Lilah is a
rescue dog living in New Hampshire and had never seen snow until last year. She
quickly became a snow-loving dog! Her favorite thing to do in the winter is go
hiking in the White Mountains, especially after a storm. She bounds through the
fresh snow with a big smile on her face. She also enjoys skiing in the back
country with her human, Cait, a talented photographer. Cait can extend Lilah’s
time outside by toweling her off on long hikes or dressing her in a jacket or
sweater to keep warm on the way down.



Asher Stout
Harrington, “Ash” for short, is a tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves
winter. His favorite activities include rolling around in the snow and sliding
across the ground using his body as a sled! He’s happy to spend countless hours
outside in the colder months and relies on his thick hair and his Kurgo loft
jacket to keep him warm. He lives with his family in Oregon and enjoys
adventuring around the Mount Hood National Forest area for camping and hiking trips
throughout the year.




Squall is a winter-loving
4-year-old Australian Shepherd who can be spotted adventuring around the White
Mountains of New Hampshire. He has summited Mount Washington more times than
his humans can count. He loves hiking year-round. His fluffy coat keeps him
nice and warm, and he would sleep outside if permitted to! The chilly
temperatures don’t slow him down a bit, and he enjoys accompanying his human
along on nordic and alpine skiing outings.




Winnie lives
in the Pacific Northwest with her humans. Her favorite winter activity is
snowshoeing, but eating snow is a close second! Her favorite spot to snowshoe
is Mt. Baker, Washington. She recently moved to Mt. Hood, Oregon, and reports
that the snow there is pretty tasty too! She greets each day with boundless
energy and enthusiasm, but when her zoomies have all been exhausted in the
mountains, she loves to come home and cuddle with her humans.




Riley is a Golden
Retriever from Seattle, Washington who is lucky to have the best of both worlds
when it comes to winter. He loves rolling, jumping, and bouncing through the snow
when he is up in the mountains with his human. Like most dogs, he loves eating
snow too! When he’s not in the mountains, he enjoys going to the beach and on
hikes. He likes to take runs through the streets of Seattle with his human
year-round. As you can see, Riley is also a very stylish winter dog!



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