6 Dogs Share Their Favorite Hiking Gear

6 Dogs Share Their Favorite Hiking Gear

Posted by Brooke Spater on 18th October 2018

you and your pup have plans to hit the trail together? Getting outside with
your dog can be one of the most rewarding things you can do together. Hiking is
a great way to get some exercise together and enjoy some fresh air with your
pup by your side. Chances are that you will enjoy amazing seasonal views and
feel a solid sense of accomplishment too. Just like humans, dogs can benefit by
having a few key items along to ensure the day is a big success. We checked in
with 6 Instagram dogs and their owners to hear about their must-have items for

1. Taylor from @lilpittiecleo: Baxter Backpack

Hey there! We are here
to tell you why we love the Kurgo pack. First, it’s super convenient for having
Cleo carry her own items. The vibrant colors are nice as it makes it easier to
spot and keep visibility on Cleo when she’s roaming the forests. I’d also like
to say that we’ve had this pack for a few years now and it’s held up very well
through water, brush, rough rocks, and more. Additionally, we have the Kurgo Collaps A Bowl which we can conveniently clip to the backpack. We love Kurgo!

2. Carley from @twodogstraveling: Journey Harness

I cannot express how
much I love the Kurgo Journey Harness. We are constantly backpacking, taking road
trips, hiking, swimming and enjoying the great outdoors and the Journey has
been through it all. I could not ask for a more durable, lightweight and easy
to use harness. The traffic lead feature is my favorite because it makes it so
easy to transition from off leash to having them walk in a heel. I give it a 10/10
and will always recommend this harness.

(Editor’s note: A new version of this harness, the Journey Air, is also now available).

3. Julie from @tuckerleo_da_huskies: Go Stuff It Dog Treat Bag

The Kurgo treat pouch is
the best on hikes with the dogs! I love that it has both a clip and a carabiner
attachment. I usually clip it to my backpack’s waist strap and then have peace
of mind knowing if it got bumped off me it is still attached by the carabiner!
I never go on hikes without treats because they are great for recall, keeping
the pups fueled, and for taking pictures of them while we are out, of course! I
love that it comes in my favorite color, blue, and is the perfect size for all
the treats we would ever need! Yummy treats = happy dogs!

4. Aurelia from @olivetheauss: Gourd Water Bottle

This water bottle is my
absolute favorite. I never leave my house without it. It’s perfect for my
everyday exercise routine with Olive. The size of the bowl is perfect for Olive
and I never have to worry about whether I remembered to pack a bowl. Not to mention,
Olive loves to splash her water so thank goodness the bowl is splash proof!

5. Angela from @eastcoastherders: Loft Jacket

While we tend to have
temperate winters in Pennsylvania, there is always a month or so where it is
just brutal. This past winter, we had negative temperatures along with winds of
up to 30 mph. Letting the dogs outside in the yard play in weather like that is
not something I am comfortable with. Luckily, they each have a loft jacket to
keep them comfortable! I started putting the loft jackets on the dogs in the
late fall when the temperature for after work walks or weekend hikes became a
little too frigid. This was not only to get them used to wearing a jacket, but
also to ensure we could walk for as long as possible. By the winter when the
temperature had significantly dropped, they were pros. I highly recommend the
loft jacket for anyone who feels their pup needs a little boost in the colder
weather! Some of my favorite features are that it is reversible, (so
essentially two coats in one), and it has a zipper section on the back which is
awesome if you are using a harness to walk. It is also lightweight and wipes
clean. This product has become an essential in our lives!

6. Sydney from @endeavorswithego: Baxter Backpack

We love the Baxter Backpack! It's perfect for
carrying Ego's food and water on our backpacking trips. We spend multiple days
in the mountains and it's handy for Ego to help carry some of the load. The
Baxter Backpack fits him comfortably and evenly distributes the weight so the
bags don't slide around while he hikes. It also dries quickly and has lots of
adjustment points to ensure a perfect fit.

Also, if you’re new to hiking with
your dog be sure to check out our post Top Tips for Hiking with Your Dog as
well as our Dog Hiking Checklist for more helpful information.

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