7 Great Dog Dads

7 Great Dog Dads

Posted by Brooke Spater on 12th June 2018

Father's Day isn't just for
parents of humans! If you're a dog dad, it's your special day too! It takes a
special breed to parent a pup. Caring for a dog takes love, devotion, and
patience. It means walking your dog rain or shine, picking up (lots of) poop,
keeping her safe, and so much more. We found 7 great dog dads and asked them to
share a bit about what makes these beloved relationships so special.

Gus's dog dad Mark from @kurgo

I never
thought of myself as a parent. The responsibility, pressure, stress (financial
and emotional) that comes with having children was not even a little bit on my
agenda. I don’t have kids, but I’ve always had a dog. A yellow lab named Murphy
was by my side for 13 years. She was a great dog all her life, but the last few
years, when her health was failing, were the most special. I had the privilege
of caring for her in a way I’ve never done for any dog or person, before or
since. That was when I first realized she was family. Her eyes would light up
when I walked in the room, even if I was gone for just a few minutes. That glow
was present when I walked into her room at the vet on her last day (July 3,

One month
later, I rescued a 2-year-old old black lab mutt named Gus. He is still by my
side today at 12 years old and from Day One, he’s been my boy. A recent cancer
diagnosis (osteosarcoma) in April of this year required the amputation of his
right hind leg. We still go for walks through the woods, fight over who gets
the pizza crust and share a distrust of cats. Again, I was reminded that the
financial and emotional responsibilities associated with raising children is
not limited to the two-legged versions. My kid has three legs, big floppy ears,
an irrational fear of houseflies and I am privileged to be his dad.

Mark is Kurgo's Distributor Sales Manager for our Domestic & International channels.

Lucy's dog dad Humberto from @lucyadventuregunn

I fell in
love with Lucy on her first snowy day in Hoboken, New Jersey. After frolicking
in the snow for hours she was cold and wet, and her little legs couldn’t make
it home, so I picked her up and carried her home in my arms. Ever since then,
all I want to do is spend time with her at the park, on a trail, or running
between the waves at the beach. She has made my life more exciting and
adventurous and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Lucy and Humberto and family recently traveled across country
together. Check out their account to see their awesome RV adventures and a look at all the states they visited.

Maya's dog dad Joe from @kurgo

In 2010, my wife, Kelsey and I
were living the dream DINK life in downtown Chicago, working and traveling a
lot and enjoying all the great activities the city had to offer in our free time.
While we knew we wanted a dog, we weren’t sure if we had time for one. That all
changed the second we laid eyes on the little 8-week-old yellow fur ball that
would become our first child, Maya. The only thing that matched Maya’s cuteness
was her energy and stubbornness. We spent an entire year in training classes,
but we loved it, and as she learned to become a well-behaved city dog that we
could take anywhere, we learned the patience and discipline we needed to be
good parents (of dogs and kids!). Our family has grown to include three human
kids, but Maya continues to be an integral part of our family. She loves
playing fetch and swimming with our kids, she and I have logged hundreds of
miles running together, and she goes to work with me every day. She’s made us
better people and we can’t imagine life without her!

Joe is Kurgo's Vice President of Finance and Operations. 

Squall's dog dad Andy from @sr_drummond

Having Squall in my life brings
pure happiness each day. He’s ready to go on any mission, no matter what it is,
and I couldn’t ask for a better adventure co-pilot.

Squall and Andy live in New Hampshire, where they spend much of
their time exploring the White Mountains. (This photo is from Bond Cliff in the
Whites). They share stunning year-round New England photography on their

Blizzy's dog dad Dillon from @dead_head93

Life with my Australian Shepherd
Blizzy is impeccable. She was my missing link to get back into nature because
she so naturally feels at home in the outdoors. The ultimate bond and trust we
create on our travels and explorations are spine tingling and I wouldn't change
it for the world.

Blizzy and Dillon hail from South Carolina, where they enjoy
exploring the highway 11 corridor as well as the off-trail sections and cliffs
of the Linville Gorge in North Carolina.


Remy's dog dad Devon from @remythesilver

When I first lost my Father and moved into his old house I was in need of company and distraction. Every day since Remy came into my life has been a new adventure distracting me from the hurt and keeping me great company. Was Remy a rescue? No, but I believe in a way he rescued me.

Remy and Devon live in New Hampshire. Remy recently became a Kurgo ambassador!

Raleigh's dad Antonio from @morethanraleigh

Everything that I do with Raleigh is more for me to enjoy his smile. He’s so full of life. Even when I’m feeling down, he’ll do anything and everything to see me smile and laugh. A year ago I couldn’t see myself with a dog, now I can’t see my life without him.

Brooke Spater runs Social Media Marketing at Kurgo. Amongst other things, she manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and their 90 lb. Goldendoodle named Baxter.

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