Ambassador Highlight: Meet Arianna, Ivy, and Sierra

Posted by Arianna Kitz on 9th June 2021

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Ivy and Sierra are two husky mixes who love exploring with their dog mom Arianna. We caught up with these Kurgo Ambassadors and asked them their favorite tips, tricks, and places they'd like to go.

How did you meet Ivy and Sierra?

"I got Ivy in May 2018 - she was actually found through one of my best friends! A lady nearby had an unplanned litter and needed to rehome the puppies. Ivy was previously placed in a home that didn’t work out, and I can’t even imagine why because she’s been perfect since day one! I adopted Sierra in September 2019 from a rescue here in Nashville. Funny story: I had originally gone to see a littermate of hers that was almost identical to Ivy as a puppy, but she was already on adoption hold. So, I told myself I would “just play with the puppies” while I was there...Sierra crawled into my lap and fell asleep. She decided she was coming home with me whether I planned on it or not!" 

What is your go-to Kurgo product?

"Ooh it’s tough to narrow it down! I would have to say our favorite Kurgo product has to be the Baxter Pack. We use it for all our backpacking trips, and the girls can carry some food/gear while still being able to hike and club around tougher terrain and more technical parts of our hikes with no problem. We love love love the Baxter packs!"


Do you have a favorite local hike?

"My favorite local hike is definitely Greeter Falls, about an hour and a half from Nashville. The waterfall is stunning, and there’s plenty of space at the base for the dogs to explore. There’s a less popular trail that takes you to a 2nd waterfall too if you take the time to explore more!"


Favorite activity together?

"Our favorite activity is definitely winter hiking - the girls both LOVE the snow, so any chance to play around and frolic in fresh snow is their idea of heaven on earth. They get the zoomies constantly and it’s so cute to watch!"


Any future outdoor plans you’re looking forward to this year?

"We’re super excited for our road trip coming up in June! The spring was a bit slow for us travel-wise, but we’ll be headed to Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah in June to hike and camp! I’ll be putting a rooftop tent on my car soon, so I’m very excited for camping trips with that this year! We’ll also be backpacking quite a bit, including a trip to Virginia in July." 


What do you love most about being a Kurgo ambassador?

"I would say the sense of genuineness that I feel when representing the Kurgo brand. We’ve used Kurgo products for years, and we stand behind their quality, durability, and usefulness 100%. I love knowing that when I recommend a Kurgo product to someone, they’re going to receive a top-quality item that will do exactly what they need it to for years!"

You can follow Arianna, Ivy, and Sierra on all their adventures @ivy.and.sierra on Instagram.

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