Ambassador Highlight: Meet Emily and River

Ambassador Highlight: Meet Emily and River

Posted by Neil Norman on 31st March 2021

Based out of Squamish, British Colombia, Emily and River are an unstoppable adventuring duo. We caught up with them and asked them their favorite tips, tricks, and places they want to go.

How did you meet River?

"We met River at 4 weeks old, having no idea he’d be ours! He was with his siblings and mom in an enclosure, and he kept leaving his little pack to come over and see us. River was persistent in the way he was staring with his big, puppy dog eyes and wanting our attention. I think it’s safe to say, it was love at first sight!”

What is your go-to Kurgo product?

"Our favorite product is the Journey Air Harness! We love the durability, cushioning, and the perfect fit it offers. The durability is the same for the Ascender Leash, because even after daily use for over a year, it still has no sign of wear. We also love that it has a comfortable cushioned handle, and how versatile this leash is. We can wear it around our waists or hitch it to something stable when we need River to stay in one place, such as when he joins us for outdoor dining."

Do you have a favorite local hike?

"There’s a huge network of multi-use world class mountain bike trails across the street from where we live. River is allowed to be off leash to sniff, run, and freely explore the trails and the many streams that are there. We have also worked with him to learn to wait for us when he hears the command, “stop!” This gives us an opportunity to assess the situation so we can decide what is appropriate to do next. Sometimes we just have to simply hold him in place with the handle on the back of the harness or backpack as the biker passes and help him stay in a calm state of mind. Other times while holding him in place with the handle, we will decide to attach the leash for the rest of the hike. We don’t always know how busy the trails will be with mountain bikers until we are on them. These trails can be very fast and have many blind corners for the mountain bikers, so for the safety of both the biker and River, it is extremely helpful to hold him in place. On busy biking days, we use the leash for most of our hikes, as well as 100% of the time in our neighborhood while walking on the street."

What is River’s favorite activity?

"One of River’s favorite activities is playing at the water’s edge of streams, lakes, and ocean we are surrounded by here in Squamish, BC. He will amuse himself by searching for submerged sticks. He figured out a technique using his paws to dig at them and pull them out of the water!"

Any outdoor plans you’re looking forward to this year?

"We hope to return to our favorite spot on Vancouver Island where we go boating, waterskiing, kayaking and paddle boarding. River is in his element there with other dogs to always play with, and he’s always only steps away from the water. He loves to not only swim, but to go on anything that floats whether it is a kayak, paddle board or the family speedboat."

What do you love most about being a Kurgo ambassador?

"We love being Kurgo ambassadors because it means we can pass on our experience with the products to an audience who we know trusts us. When we are looking for recommendations ourselves, we appreciate those who are honest and trustworthy with their suggestions. Therefore, we strive to do the same for those who look to us for our insight, as we know it's what they value!"

You can follow Emily and River on all their adventures @LittleRiverDog on Instagram.

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