Complete Seat Protection Guide

Complete Seat Protection Guide

Posted by Chelsey Puffer on 6th March 2020

If you’ve ever walked down the car seat protection aisle at your local pet store, you know how overwhelming it can be. Should I get a hammock? What about a bench seat cover? What’s the difference? Good news—we’re here to help. Just scroll down!

Bench Seat Covers

The Bench Seat Cover is the O.G. of seat protection. Made to fit like a second skin over your bench seat, this type of cover fits snugly and gets the job done. A good bench seat cover will provide protection from anything your furbaby tracks in the car; say goodbye to muddy pawprints and fur-covered seats. If you’re chauffeuring friends as well as your pup, passengers can also buckle their seatbelts through the cover’s built-in hook and loop openings.

Measuring your backseat is critical to ensure that you choose the correct seat cover. Most standard bench seat covers are 55" wide. If your bench seat is wider than that, however, you may want to look for an extended bench seat cover that typically covers up to 63" wide. This style of seat cover is great for those with on-the-go lifestyles and no-frills, get-down-to-business attitudes.

Important Features:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Piping to direct dirt and water
  • 4 points of attachment to prevent slipping during transit
  • Hook and loop openings for seatbelts

Pro Tip: Consider a non-slip bench seat cover that has an added rubberized micro-dot backing that holds onto the seat with an iron grip.

Dog Hammocks

If your dog’s comfort and safety are your top priorities, a dog hammock might be the right choice for you. Hammocks have six points of attachments, which creates a U-shape, so it will stay put and prevent your pup from sliding off the back seat. They also naturally create a barrier between the front and back rows of seats, so you can drive without the distraction of Fido climbing into the front seat.

Looking for a hammock with some added features? Check out our hammock variations! For ultimate protection, consider a full coverage hammock that includes floor protection and side flaps to protect the sides of your car seats. You might want to also consider a half hammock, which will keep half of your backseat free for passengers or groceries. Some people opt for a quilted hammock for an added layer of padded comfort or a patterned hammock for a pop of color in the backseat.

Important Features:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Piping to direct dirt and water
  • 8 points of attachment for a secure fit
  • Center zipper to accommodate human passenger
  • Bench Beans for anchoring

Pro Tip: Hammocks come in a standard 55” width. If your bench seat is wider than that, you may want to look for an extended hammock which comes with added width, typically up to 63" wide.

Cargo Covers

The Cargo Cape: the superhero of the seat protection world. It’s a must-have for anyone who uses their cargo area, even for non-dog related things like hauling trash or transporting potting soil. Our Cargo Cape also has a unique fold-out flap that protects your bumper with waterproof Rufftex material so you can tailgate worry-free along with your furry friends.

Important Features:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Bumper protection
  • Center zipper to accommodate 50/50 seat splits

Pro Tip: These covers lay flat in your storage area and are split so that you can put seats up and down without having to move them.

Any Questions?

At Kurgo, we pride ourselves in quality. Our collection of seat protection is Built To Last. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

If you have specific questions about your vehicle or which item is best for you, please reach out! We’re just a phone call or click away at 1-877-847-3868 or

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