Dog Bloggers' Favorite Summer Spots!

Dog Bloggers' Favorite Summer Spots!

Posted by Dan Hinds on 5th August 2015

Looking for something fun to do with your dog? We asked some of our favorite dog bloggers to let us know how they pass the summer season with their dogs.

1. Carrie Noar of Tales and Tails

We really enjoy hiking at Starved Rock State Park any time of year. Farmdale Park is another favorite hiking destination because there are multiple creek crossings where we can cool off. We also enjoy some fun summer road trips along the Illinois sections of old Route 66. For us it's often the journey that's more important than the destination. 


Michelle Maskaly of My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much

We live in the Adirondack Mountain of Upstate New York, and love going to the beach in Lake George, kayaking on Schroon Lake and taking car rides to explore little towns like Long Lake and Lake Placid. Another favorite activity is walking a long Broadway in Downtown Saratoga Springs. Although it's best known for horse racing, most of the stores are dog friendly and it's a great time. And, of course, after work we like to head on over to The Backyard at Sutherland's PetWorks, a private dog park where the dogs love playing with their doggie friends and always get treats before they leave from the wonderful owners. 

Belinda Jones of Bodie on the Road

Our favorite summer pursuit is a road trip up the Californian coast. Highlights include a swim in Coronado bay taking in the San Diego skyline, a coffee stop in Los Olivos, a Drive-in Movie in San Luis Obispo and Yappy Hour at Doris Day’s Cypress Inn in Carmel – which is basically dog paradise, from the glorious off-leash beach to the organic perfumier Ajne offering Furfumes including Kennel No.5!

Renee D'Aoust of Bicontinental Dachshund

Our favorite summer activity is hiking. We live in Switzerland part of the year, and most of our hikes are in the Swiss Alps. This summer we are hiking in the Italian and French Alps, too. Our Tootsie loves riding in gondolas, and she is so little she always rides for free. Tootsie has four-paw drive all the way until she gets distracted by marmots!

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Jenna Hughson-Drady of Love is Being Owned by a Husky

My favorite summer activity to do with my huskies is definitely getting wet! We do like to go swimming often, but the best is when my huskies and children splash around in the kiddie pool! They all have a blast, and it's a great way to keep cool during the summer.

Laurie Luck of Smart Dog University

The dogs join us in planting the garden in the spring, but their favorite time is SUMMERTIME when all veggies are ready to harvest! We check the plants every day as they ripen and when the veggies begin to ripen, the dogs are the first to harvest their take. They beg for their turn in the garden with me where they'll pick their own tomatoes (only the ripe ones) and cukes.

Jodi Chick of Kol's Notes

Paws down, our favourite place to enjoy some summer fun is at the lake house. BC is known for it's gorgeous mountains and beautiful lakes and ours is no exception. Whether we're planning to lay on the beach, trying to convince Kol to swim, running around at the local dog park or hiking up into the woods, the lake has something fun to do every time we're there and there's no shortage of new smells to enjoy. After a long day of playing, they show movies in the park and we get to cuddle up in a lawn chair, sit out under the stars and relax. It's our own little slice of Heaven.

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Theresa O'Connell of A Coonhound's Tales

Prudence loves going to the dog park and walking just about anywhere. We go to a few dog based events in the warmer weather, such as her rescue's annual "Puptoberfest" (Eleventh Hour Rescue, in NJ) as long as it's not too hot. She loves riding in the car, as long as she's sure it's not for a trip to the vet's!

Bonnie Sweebe of Welcome Pup

Our favorite summer activities with the pups? We love to hang out on our deck. The pups play in their "bone" pool. I put ice cubes in it and they "bob for cubes." Simple, but fun! Or we take a pack walk through our development, taking a break halfway to watch the ducks and geese. It's great exercise and the dogs love walking in a pack together. Or we go out on Lake Erie in our boat. We don't let the dogs swim in Lake Erie, but we make sure the dogs wear life vests anyway. We have to wear them. They should, too!

Dan Salcius of GearMinded

Our 9 year old black lab named Gracie is a huge fan of the outdoors. As a trail dog we most often take her to the local mountains in Big Bear, CA. With so many trail systems that are easily accessible by car it's a prime location to spend a day in the dirt with your best friend. Like most labs she is just as stoked on the car ride to the trails as she is the trails themselves. With numerous truck trails the Big Bear Lake area also allows us to take her off roading with us on weekend adventures in rain or snow and give her a chance to explore more than just another dog park.

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Where do you and your dog like to spend the summer?

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