Dog-Friendly Hikes: North Carolina

Dog-Friendly Hikes: North Carolina

Posted by Lauren Gwinn on 25th October 2018

Home of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Carolinas certainly
do not lack incredible views! With easy access to thousands of trail miles off
of the Blue Ridge Parkway (a 469 mile scenic drive), North Carolina is a mecca
for hiking with your dog all year round.

Above: Hawksbill Mountain, Linville Gorge

Best Winter Hike:

Roan Mountain: Carver’s Gap- Appalachian Trail- If you’ve
ever wondered why they’re called the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll quickly find
your answer at Roan Mountain. This range of bald mountains is a MUST see all
year round. Slightly off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, this hike is accessible
during winter and the rime ice is nothing like you’ve ever seen before! Because
this is a section of the Appalachian Trail, you can make this hike as short or
long as you want. I suggest making a 5 mile round-trip hike to Grassy Ridge
Bald, which is one of the 40 highest peaks in the Southern Appalachian
Mountains at 6160 ft!

Above: Roan Mountain winter snow hike

Best Waterfall Hikes:

Brevard, NC: Skinny Dip Falls, Sliding Rock Falls, Looking
Glass Falls, Moore Cove Falls, Cedar Rock Falls, Log Hollow Falls, Logging Road
Falls, Daniel Ridge Falls, Shuck Ridge Falls, Cathey’s Creek Falls: Brevard and
Transylvania counties are known as the “Land of Waterfalls!” Most of these waterfalls
are easily accessible with extremely short hikes, the shortest being 0.1 mile,
and longest: 5 miles round-trip, with an average of 1.8 miles. These make a
great weekend loop trip, with plenty of places for you and your pups to cool

Best Fall/Spring/Summer Hikes:

Black Balsam Knob: Canton, NC- Art Loeb to Ivestor Gap Trail
5.1 miles - Right off of mile marker 420, this blueberry filled double- summit
hike isn’t one to miss any time of the year! Like the Roan Mountain hike,
you’re able to take these trails way beyond this 5 mile hike for those wanting
to take a backpacking trip! Another range of balds, these promise incredible
fall color views, and sunny berry picking spring and summers!

Above: Black Balsam Knob

Linville Gorge: Known as the Grand Canyon of the east, the
gorge promises to take your breath away every.single.time. Although most of the
gorge should not be attempted by the average hiker, there are a few hikes on
the rim that can be accessed by anyone! Table Rock is a 2.2 mile round trip
hike with some of the most recognized peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hawksbill Mountain is just 5 miles away from
Table Rock and is also a shorter hike at 1.5 miles round trip, on the rim with
plenty of incredible views and camping spots! Shortoff Mountain provides a whole
new perspective of the gorge for those ready to tackle a longer more strenuous hike,
and also is a great spot to pitch a tent with your pup and enjoy the incredible
night sky views!

Easy Access Hikes:

DuPont State Forest: If you’re looking for a great family
friendly or short hike with lots to see, DuPont is your place! Within an easy
three mile loop, you can see three fast flowing waterfalls, Hooker Falls,
Triple Falls, and High Falls! You can continue on for a 4.4 round trip hike to
see Bridal Veil Falls, a 120 foot waterfall that you can walk under! This is
also where the movie “Last of the Mohicans,” was filmed!

Lauren Gwinn is a writer and photographer and runs Palmetto Moon Pointers, a blog about hiking, backpacking, and travel with dogs. You’ll find her in the mountains, or on the back of her horse, always with her two Vizslas, Sutton & Banks, and border collie/Heeler mix, Deuce, by her side! Follow her adventures @palmettomoonpointers on Instagram and visit her blog:

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