Geocaching: Treasure Hunt with Your Dog

Geocaching: Treasure Hunt with Your Dog

Posted by Dan Hinds on 16th Jun 2016

In the current day and age, there are more new opportunities to flex your creative muscle and come up with new programs, events, games and distractions than ever before. One of these was the invention of Geocaching, a great opportunity to get out into nature and exercise your dog and do some exploring!

But what is Geocaching? According to, it’s an anytime activity that resembles a nature treasure hunt. What’s not to love about a nature hike with a prize waiting for at the end?

Sound like a fun new activity? It’s incredibly simple to get started: create a free Geocaching account via computer or phone, search and find a Geocache location near you, lace up the shoes, grab Fido and his leash, get out of the house and go find that sucker! Geocaches come in all different shapes, sizes and locations, letting you set your own pace for adventure. This is a perfect activity for families and their dogs to get out and have some good old fashioned fun in a high tech world.

Getting Started

The best part about geocaching is that the barrier to entry is incredibly low. It doesn’t take a rugged mountain man in order to truly enjoy the experiences that Geocaching can offer. Some are hidden in valleys, atop mountain ranges and secret away in dark caves, but for the most part, the majority of geocaches are actually located urban areas. This is a huge perk for those interested in becoming part of the geocache community but live in cities. This is an excellent example of taking things to the level where you feel most comfortable with and then exceeding it from there.

Wherever the search takes you, eventually you’ll find your prize. Now that you’ve completed the quest, it’s time to reap the rewards! Feel free to take something from the container but if you do, make sure to replace it with something of equal value for the next adventurer. There are a couple guidelines to follow here: don’t include any drugs, alcohol, firearms, ammunition or foods. Please respect local legal rules and don’t jeopardize the opportunity of the geocache by stuffing it with food! Animals have better noses that we do. Please note that if the geocache is lost or damaged, there is a support system where you can contact the geocache network administrator, who will then replace it.

Once you’ve successfully completed a number of geocaches, feel free to take it a step further by creating our own! There are only a couple of steps needed to take to do this, which include entering a submission to the network administrators who will then validate our cache and set it live for the rest of the community.

The Benefits of Geocaching

This is an incredible opportunity for mental and physical exercise with our pets. Geocaching provides an exciting activity to help motivate you to get out of the house and explore nearby towns, cities and woods. Walking, running, hiking and backpacking are all excellent opportunities to keep yourself and dog fit while exploring the great outdoors. There are few things that can be more rewarding than spending time with your canine companion by getting out and exercising.

These activities help dogs stay active, fit and healthy, shedding those pounds that they can accumulate easily in the winter or if they’ve been lazy around the house. These are relative to the level of difficulty that you want to set for yourself and your dog. It is important to not overreach yourself or exhaust your dog; the amount of benefit gained from intense physical activity is never worth burning out or possibly placing yourself in a situation where someone could get hurt. The normal precautions for any outdoor activity apply here: prepare accordingly, make sure to have all the necessary supplies but don’t over pack, be sure to have a method of contacting someone in case of emergency, let others know where you are going and be sure that you possess the skills necessary to be victorious in our quest.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to get out there with your dog and to try something new! We like to think that Geocaching is an excellent activity and recommend that you give it a shot. Besides, who knows what kind of sweet treasure is hidden out there?