Kurgo's Holiday Gift Guides for Dogs

Kurgo's Holiday Gift Guides for Dogs

Posted by Brooke Spater on 30th November 2018

As the holidays approach, dog enthusiasts everywhere are in search of the perfect gift for their adventuring furry friends. After all, dogs are part of the family, and we want to find a special way to celebrate them too. Here at Kurgo, we are dedicated to creating products that allow you and your dog to go enjoy the world together. We've assembled a series of curated gift guides to help get the wheels turning as you search out the perfect present. Be sure to scroll down to see detailed product descriptions and link to our online boutique.

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Loft Coat: We've shown it here in red, but this best-selling product is now available in 7 fabulous color combinations. Perfect for your cool morning walks or weekend winter hikes, this reversible, quilted jacket is made from rugged MicrotomicTM rip stop material and 140 gsm Polytech fill. The water-resistant shell has a zipper opening so you can access your pup's harness to attach a leash.

Back Bay Leash: This braided dog leash that is strong and lightweight is a perfect every day solution. Available in both a blue and black version as well.

Duty Bag: Poop happens, and we've created a handy solution for staying on top of the clean up. The duty bag attaches easily to any leash or backpack. Can also hold keys, treats, and has a hook to hold full bags.

Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Harness: We all buckle up when we go out in the car and dogs should be secured too. Show your love with a crash-tested dog car harness with all steel Nesting Buckle System and five adjustment points. Available in sizes XS-XL in red and black.

Muck Collar: Our innovative muck collar comes in 8 vibrant designs. Want to show your patriotism? Consider our Easy Rider American flag inspired design or our Canadian maple leaf design. They are 100% waterproof, forever odor free, and easy to clean. All collars come with bottle openers!

Kibble Carrier: Your dog wants to get out adventuring in the new year but he doesn't want you to leave his dinner behind! Our easy-to-pack Kibble Carrier holds 5 lbs of food, making traveling with your dog a cinch.

Gourd Water Bottle: Water breaks are a must, whether you are hiking or on a long car ride together. Our Gourd Water bottle is a 2-in-1 solution. You give can drink directly from the top and give your pup water in the detachable bowl that holds 8 ounces. Bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid. Available in Grass Green and Coastal Blue as well.

Brooke Spater runs Social Media Marketing at Kurgo. Among other things, she manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and their 90 lb. Goldendoodle named Baxter.

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