Miles of Adventures:  Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack Review

Miles of Adventures: Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack Review

Posted by Elizabeth McGrath on 1st May 2019

Photo credits: @rocket_the_dachshund

Gone are the days of having to carry your dog in
your arms. The Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack makes it easy to bring
your dog with you wherever you go. This functional bag is the perfect
blend of comfort, and durability making it a must-have for small dog owners.

If you have a small dog,
there are many great reasons to consider getting a dog carrier backpack.

  • Versatility - Take your dog on a bike, scooter, in
    stores, etc.
  • An older dog that wants to come along
  • Injury
  • Shorter legs can have a hard time going long distances
  • Anxious in unfamiliar territory
  • Helps to bond you and your dog

Our Review

My husband and I have been testing the G-Train dog carrier backpack over the last month,
documenting many miles and hours.

To give you some context, we have a small
12-pound dachshund named Rocket. He has been my hiking buddy his whole
life. He can still hike great distances.
However, his 11-year-old body starts to get tired on those extra-long treks.

The Kurgo G-Train is designed for you and your
dog. This bag allows you to carry your dog as well as all of your
belongings. When worn, the hip and sternum strap help to disperse the
weight correctly, giving you a greater sense of balance and stability as well as
reducing back pain.

My husband and I are both tall. I am 5’9,
and he is 6’2. The hip belt sits a
little too high above my hips as opposed to directly on them. It still
disperses the majority of the weight to my hips, but on my husband, it ended up
being more of a waist belt.

Photo credits: @rocket_the_dachshund

When empty, the G-Train weighs 3.09 lbs, and the bag dimensions are 13” (w) x 21” (h) x
10” (d). Considering how robust the bag is, the weight seems very

I love that the backpack can stand up on its
own, which shows how supportive and durable it is. There are varying
degrees of padding throughout the pack which protects your dog and all of your
gear. The central, upper part of the bag is constructed using ripstop,
water-resistant material and the bottom of the bag has a hard, waterproof base.

The dog compartment, rated for dogs up to 25 lbs.
is roomy and includes a removable, washable pad for comfort. Attached to
the bottom of the bag is an adjustable fastener to clip your dog by their
collar or harness, securing them safely inside.

If your dog prefers to take in the view, the top
section of the dog compartment opens allowing your dog to stick their head out
while increasing air flow. Additionally, there is a reinforced,
ventilated mesh on either side of the compartment for air to flow.

One thing I did notice about the side ventilated
mesh panels is that if you have water bottles in the pockets, it does restrict
the airflow. I would recommend clipping your water bottles to the utility
straps or placing a bladder in one of the compartments instead.

Photo credits: @rocket_the_dachshund

Rocket isn’t quite tall enough to stick his head
out. I ended up putting a small dog bed pad on the bottom to boost him
up, and that worked well. He is also able to lie down inside the bag
comfortably. While the material is supportive, it does give a little bit so it
will expand if your dog needs it.

In addition to the dog compartment, there is
another large, padded compartment for all of your gear. The dimensions of this
compartment are 13” x 21”. This can be used for your laptop. Because I took this bag hiking, I packed this
section with all my gear.

Furthermore, the bag has two water bottle
holders, three utility loops and zippered pockets to organize smaller items.
The shoulder straps, hip straps, and sternum strap are all adjustable to
help conform to your body.

One thing that drives me nuts about backpacks is
when I can feel the contents of the bag pushing into my back. I was happy to
find the back of this bag is padded so no poking or protruding on my body.

In the photo below, I show everything I fit in
the bag on my most recent hike in Southern Utah.

Photo credits: @rocket_the_dachshund

I have used this bag in a few different
temperatures. Based on my experience, I think the bag will be too hot for
your dog over 65 degrees in full sun, but it depends on the breed of your dog.
Kurgo recommends placing cool packs in the compartments during the hot
summer months which I thought was a great idea! Rocket can tolerate the heat
quite well so he didn’t mind being in the bag at 70 degrees, but I can see some
dogs being uncomfortable.

Additional Features

Known for its
high-quality products, Kurgo offers a lifetime warranty and will repair or
replace the product free of charge should there be a manufacturing defect.

The G-Train backpack
carrier is comfortable and stylish enough to be used without your dog.

The backpack converts
into a flat dog carrier by stowing the backpack straps and grabbing the handle
on the front of the bag.

Tips for acclimating your dog to the G-Train Dog
Carrier Backpack

To get your dog into the bag, place the backpack
on the ground and unzip the front panel. Let your dog sniff the pack and give
them a treat. Once they become comfortable around the backpack, place a
treat inside the bag and let them walk into it on their own. If they seem
anxious, take a break and come back to it later. You don’t want to force
anything, or else they will associate the bag with a negative experience.

Once your dog is comfortable around the bag, zip
up one side and toss in a treat. As soon as your dog has partially walked
into the bag, assist them the rest of the way by gently lifting their bottom.
Carefully zip up the other side of the bag, so the zippers meet in the
middle. I placed my hand between the zipper and Rocket, so I didn’t accidentally
pinch his skin.

Here's Rocket getting used to his new G-Train!

Additional Accessories to Consider 

There are a few accessories that I would
consider adding in addition to this bag.

  1. Kurgo Gourd Water bottle - This water bottle has a detachable bowl so you only need to
    carry one water bottle for you and your dog to share. It holds 24 ounces.
    This water bottle is pictured above and can easily be used with the
    G-Train Backpack Carrier.
  2. Mud Dog Travel Shower - This easy to use accessory helps to clean off your muddy dog before they get
    in your car or enter the house.
  3. Kibble Carrier Dog Bag - Keep food or treats fresh or
    contained on the go.

Overall, I would highly recommend Kurgo G-Train dog backpack carrier for your small dog.
Whether you are hiking through spectacular scenery or taking a trip to your
local farmers market, your dog will love to be by your side every step of the

Elizabeth McGrath is the founder of
Bark and Biscuits, a website that strives to make the relationship between you
and your dog exceptional. Before devoting her work full-time to Bark and
Biscuits, Elizabeth was a professional ballerina for 13 years. Outside of
the office, you’ll find her hiking or traveling with her husband and dachshund,
Rocket. Follow her adventures @rocket_the_dachshund 
Instagram and visit her blog:

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