Pokemon Go Together

Pokemon Go Together

Posted by Dan Hinds on 18th August 2016

At this point, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go. It’s the mobile gaming VR experience that allows you to stare at your phone for long periods of time. However, unlike other games, this one actually makes you get up and walk around a little if you want to be successful. It’s gotten a surprising amount of people up off the couch, and you, dog owner, could be the next Pokemon Master with the tips below.

Walk. A lot.

Pokemon Go is all about getting up and out of the house. It’s the perfect excuse to get your dog (and yourself) some light exercise. If you really want to be a Poke-master though, you’re going to have to commit to some serious walks. The more time you spend in the wild, the more Pokemon you’ll encounter and the faster you’ll hatch eggs and level up. Make sure your dog is in good enough shape to handle a marathon (please not a literal marathon) Pokemon hunt. If you need help, here’s a dog running training plan to get you and your pup in gear.

Don’t Play in the Street

Just like Mom used to say. Walking your dog on side streets might be your usual habit, but it’s just asking for trouble when you’re playing Pokemon Go. There have already been a couple people hit by cars, and when you’re playing and managing a dog, it could be easy to lose track of where exactly you and the pup are. Keep it safe by walking your dog in a park or trail or, really, any place where fast moving vehicles have a 0% chance of striking you.

Stay Hydrated

You might not need a drink, but all the summertime walking can have your furry friend really heating up. Every Pokemon trainer worth their poke-salt carries around a water bottle and a bowl to share with their dog. Even better, how about a water bottle that IS a dog bowl. That’s some next level Pokemon efficiency.

Go Hands-Free

You’ll need both your human-paws available to scan and catch Pokemon. It’s no fun trying to wrangle fido with one hand and waste Ultra-Balls on a particularly agile Pidgey with the other. With a hands-free dog leash, you can keep your dog in control and catch 'em all at the same time. 

Take Lots of Screenshots 

The best part of the game for dog owners is getting great pictures using the VR camera. If you get any particularly good shots of puppy-Pokemon interaction, make sure you tag #kurgo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can help you share them with the world! 

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