​Puppy's First Holidays Gift Wish List

Puppy's First Holidays Gift Wish List

Posted by Maggie Marton, founder of ohmydogblog.com on 11th December 2020

The weather outside might be frightful this Holiday season, but your puppy’s list for Santa includes lots of gear for outdoor fun! Pick presents for your pup that will help him be trail-ready for hikes and runs as soon as spring rolls around.

Psst! Before you click “add to cart,” consider the size your puppy will be next spring. Chances are, if you select gear for his current weight, he might outgrow it before trail season arrives. Or, if he’s getting close to the size he’ll be in next season, select from the adjustable options we share below!

The Basics

Focus on safety first. Getting to and from your upcoming adventures requires a car restraint system. For puppies, we like the Auto Zip Line. It allows your pup to move around while staying safely tethered. Then, choose a harness and leash that will grow with your puppy, like the Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness and whichever leash suits your style. And don’t forget to invest in a hydration solution. Whether you’re a trail runner or a hiker, you need to tote enough water for you and your dog, so tie a bow around a Gourd Water Bottle and a Collaps-A-Bowl.

Trail Favorites

For long hikes and camping trips, the Baxter Pack is a must-have. If you’re planning longer runs, get yourself the gift of the K9 Running Belt and a corresponding leash for your dog. For long runs, we love the Springback Lite, which allows you to tether your dog to your waist, which keeps your hands free to focus on the ergonomics of your trail run. And, if you plan on spring training, consider gifting your puppy a waterproof jacket. Not only will it keep her dry and comfortable on the run, but it’ll keep your car a little bit cleaner since you can shed the jacket before loading up to head home.

Quick tip: Use the winter months to hone those trail skills. For instance, as you train around the house or go for walks, have your puppy wear his pack. Start with it empty, then add a little bit of weight until you hit the amount he’ll carry on the trail. By the time you head out for that first hike, he’ll be all set.

A Present to Share

Whether you call it a gift for your pup or a gift for yourself, pick up a car seat cover. There’s a whole range that can accommodate any type of vehicle and any type of dog, but you’ll thank Santa for keeping your car cleaner all year long. Another great gift to share: a Loft Bed. Perfect for camping, of course, but it’s also a great solution for puppies who get worn out on long trail runs. Place it on your backseat on top of the car seat cover to give your pup a soft place to land for a nap on the way home.

Finally, if your puppy is looking for gift ideas for YOU, the elves suggest a Duty Bag to make clean-up a whole lot easier!

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