​“The Adventure Dog” Holiday Gift Guide 2019

“The Adventure Dog” Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Posted by Chelsey Puffer on 22nd November 2019

Get all the new gear you’ll need for the New Year!

Loft Coat:

With an average rating of 4.6 stars, you know you’re looking at a fan favorite. The Loft Jacket is our never-fail insulated coat that is designed to keep your dog warm while allowing her free range of motion as she hops, skips, and jumps into her next adventure.

1st jacket I've been 100% happy with. I got this for my 4 month old pit mix. It's super easy to get on and I think he actually looks forward to putting it on on our colder mornings! Not too bulky, but plenty warm. I'll get another when he outgrows this one.” -Votas Mom on Kurgo.com

loft jacket

Portsmouth Foul Weather Jacket:

This jacket means business. It protects your pup from sleet, rain, snow, mud...you get the idea. It has a heavy duty, waterproof PU coating coupled with a durable ripstop fabric. But we didn’t stop there. We added in a mesh inner lining so that your pup will stay dry and comfortable on walks.

“Rainy weather won't stop this guide! I received this coat today for my new guide dog who has to go out in both good and bad weather. I was really thrilled by the raincoat; it was easy to put on. The buckles were a great success. I was able to size it to his belly and legs. He looks really sharp in his new coat and his harness. The harness fits really well over the raincoat. Would happily recommend this coat to anyone. -Morningsong on Kurgo.com

Portsmouth Foul Weather Jacket

K9 Core Sweater:

Every great outfit needs a solid base. The K9 Core Sweater is a perfect layering piece when it gets to the “I don’t want to get out from the covers” temperature outside. This knit fleece sweater fits neatly under the Loft or Portsmouth Foul Weather Jackets, or as a standalone piece.

“Great fit, nice color, soft! I actually bought this for my dog's best friend. He has almost no fur, and gets cold easily. He's a mutt, so clothing is always difficult. We've purchased him a fleece, a Kurgo waterproof jacket, and this sweater. This sweater fits really well underneath the waterproof jacket. It doesn't seem to impede his movement, and the zipper makes it easy to pull over his gigantic head.” -VoyagerG on Kurgo.com

k9 core sweater

TaGo Bed

The ultimate travel bed. Keep your pup elevated and comfortable atop the TaGo Bed’s extra soft fleece. The bed neatly folds up in seconds for easy transport, so you can take it anywhere. Your pup deserves a great night’s sleep. Your pup deserves the TaGo Bed.

“Great bed for home or travel! This was the easiest bed to set up. It comes in a very sturdy travel case that zips off. Taking the bed out is easy, and it completely unfolds and locks into place with ease. The moment I set up the bed, my dog jumped right on and laid down. He loved it immediately, and still loves it. He has a dog bed in many rooms but always chooses this bed first. He used it so much I already had to clean it. Cleaning it is a breeze. Just remove the cover, clean it, and put it right back on. When you fold the bed and put it in the travel case that comes with the bed it becomes very compact and easy to take with you. My dog liked this so much I bought a second one for my mom's two small dogs and they use it all the time. Great purchase!” -JimmyTheBush on Kurgo.com

Tago Bed

Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Harness

When it comes to safety, every stitch counts. The Enhanced Strength Harness is made with premium materials and is crash-tested for dogs up to 75lbs to ensure a safe ride every time you strap your pup in. The Enhanced Strength gives your dog optimal safety, and gives you peace of mind.

“Forever grateful for this product! A few weeks after purchasing this dog seatbelt harness, we unfortunately were in a major crash. My girl has no physical injuries thanks to this product! We were T-boned by someone going over 60mph and my girl was thrown out of her seat. Thanks to this product she is okay and only scared (rightfully so). Not only did it save her life, it was helpful when first responders entered our car. They were afraid to open the back door where she was, as they feared she would run. Thanks to the seatbelt she couldn't get out. This was important as her door was the only door emergency responders could open (all others had to be cut open). My girl will never be in a vehicle without this product again! The harness takes a bit of getting used to putting it on, but with practice it gets easier. The few extra minutes to get it on are 100% worth it.” -Springer Mom on Kurgo.com

enhanced strength dog car harness

Journey Air Harness

The Journey Air Harness is made for walking, running, hiking...basically anything that involves the outdoors. It’s stylish and athletic, just like your pup!

“Awesome harness for pits. We have two adopted pitbulls that have broken collars and pulled hard enough on harnesses to loosen them on walks. We thought about leather harnesses, but they’re expensive and not exactly what we were looking for because we needed the front clip for training. I was afraid to buy this product because it’s intended for hiking. But I don’t regret a single penny. This has by far been our greatest purchase for our two pitties. The handle is awesome if we’re in a situation where they need to be lifted (i.e. our female tried to run away from a truck that started next to us on a walk. I just picked her up and walked back to the sidewalk). The front clip is perfect for correcting their pulling, and finally, their pulling hasn’t loosened the harness yet. We love it!” -Megan the Pitbull Mom on Kurgo.com


G-Train Backpack

Take your pup wherever you go with the G-Train Backpack. It’s great for those times when your little one can’t walk the full length of the trail, but still wants to be a part of the adventure. The pack easily transitions from hike to city street as well; it’s built in laptop and iPad sleeves give it extra versatility. Wondering how you can get your dog comfortable in a G-Train? We have you covered; check this out.

“Functional, works well. I have a 15lb jack russell terrier and he normally does not like going into any confined areas. But he doesn’t mind going into this backpack! I have a black one and it does not get too hot. My back does not get any sweatier while wearing the backpack with my dog in it during the summer climbing a set of stairs than I normally would wearing any backpack with the same amount of weight climbing the same set of stairs. I have also been told that without my dog in it, people can’t tell that it is in fact a dog backpack that I’m wearing. I’m so glad that I finally found something functional and practical to take my senior jack along during long hikes. Also his upper body does not fall out of the bag like with the K9 sports sack which I have tried in the past as it holds its shape well. The clips across the chest helps hold the upper part of the bag close to the body. I have tried a lot of dog backpacks and this is the best one. I have returned every one of them except this one. It is well made and is absolutely well worth the price.” -Nyctibius on Kurgo.com



Stocking Stuffers (from left to right and top to bottom): Collaps-A-BowlDuty BagHumble LeashBlaze ShoesScruff Scarf

stocking stuffers

Editor’s note: reviews have been edited for clarity.

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