The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

Posted by Jennifer Brooks on 27th May 2016

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There is nothing worse than planning a fun afternoon at the beach
with your pup, and upon your arrival encountering the notorious “No Dogs
Allowed” sign. It is not easy to plan a trip to the beach with your
pet, especially with dog wardens snooping around. Fortunately,
dog-friendly beaches are becoming increasing popular as people realize
it is a win-win solution. Dog owners, however, need to do their
homework first before planning a day of fun in the sand and sun.
Visitors must ensure their dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations and
license, obey leash laws, and of course bring a bag to scoop the poop.

We polled our Facebook followers and compiled a list of the top 5
beaches that will not force you to leave your tail-wagging friend

Fort Funston, San Francisco CA

Fort Funston, which is located on the Skyline Boulevard, is a popular
spot to walk your dog in California. Four-legged visitors are
encouraged to enhance their social skills by playing frisbee or chasing
birds. Off-leash activity is permitted as long as dogs are well
behaved and under voice command.

Fort DeSoto, Tierra Verde FL

This beach’s award–winning Paw Playground hosts two large fenced-in
areas for dogs of all sizes. Man’s best friend can run without
restrictions on this quarter-mile long dog playground. On a hot summer
day, dogs can play fetch with a dog toy or splash in the waves. The park also has
overnight camping, picnic areas, beautiful parks and an old Spanish fort
for dog owners to explore.

Jekyll Island, GA

Even during the busiest hours of the day this beach feels private
since by law 65 percent of the island must stay undeveloped. Dogs are
allowed to roam off-leash on the beach, which means it is the perfect
spot for a day of fun. As an added bonus, many neighboring restaurants
and hotels also accommodate our four-legged friends.

Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago IL

Dogs are always welcome to join you at Montrose Dog Beach in
Chicago. Parking is free to all, but weekends can get crowded, hence be
sure to arrive early. The beach is kept clean and is the perfect spot
to catch a gorgeous sunrise or sunset. Although the beach is free to
all, volunteers main the premises, therefore please consider donating a
couple bucks.

Hunting Island State Park, SC

Hunting Island is home to a saltwater lagoon, maritime forests,
hiking trails, campgrounds and sandy beaches. At low tide, this beach
can stretch over a mile wide, leaving plenty of room to enjoy some fresh
air with your pet. Entrance fee is $5 for adults and $3.25 for kids.

Coronado Dog Beach, San Diego, CA

This is a dedicated dog beach and dogs area allowed off leash year round at any time. Be sure to keep your dogs leashed until you get to the beach if you are parking on Ocean Boulevard, because Animal Control is strict and will fine you. Now enjoy the rolling waves and the view of the Hotel del Coronado!

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