Trail Tested: Kurgo K9 Core Sweater

Trail Tested: Kurgo K9 Core Sweater

Posted by Sydney Ryan on 6th September 2019

Review by Sydney Ryan of @expeditionego

With cooler weather just around the corner, it’s
time to stock up on warm sweaters for both you and your dog. Lucky for your
pup, Kurgo’s K9 Core Sweater is perfect for autumn hikes, winter romps in the
snow, or spring days on the trails. With the addition of this new sweater,
Kurgo is making sure that your dog is prepared for some awesome adventures no
matter the season.

You might be thinking...why does my dog need a
sweater? Just like people, dogs can feel uncomfortable when their bodies get
too cold.

Some dogs who would benefit from a sweater

●Older dogs

●Dogs with little body

●Dogs with short

●Smaller breeds

Keeping their core warm allows them hike longer,
hike harder, and have more fun.

This sweater is extremely versatile because it
can stand alone against chilly weather keeping your dog’s core warm or it can
be layered with a rain jacket or snow jacket to provide extra insulation. The
design doesn’t restrict movement and is meant to fit your dog's body in a way
that allows comfortable and natural movement. It also has a zipper at the back
to accommodate harnesses like the Kurgo Journey Air Harness. Reflective accents
make it extra useful for evening/night walks and keep your pet visible for
safety in the dark.

Ego has a lean body shape with a deep chest and
finding sweaters that fit him in all the right places can be tricky. Most of
the typical pet store sweaters are designed to fit only one body type and
shape. The athletic cut and neck zipper as well as the 5-size range allow the
K9 Core Sweater to fit all body shapes and sizes. This design also allows him
to run freely and comfortably when we’re out hiking but still has enough
coverage to provide the needed warmth.

I prefer to hike during the evening when the
trails are less crowded but that means that we’re often in chilly weather as
the sun goes down. The reflective accents allow me to see Ego even in the dark
and layering the sweater with another jacket keeps him nice and toasty
especially in the frigid mountain air.

The rainy season can be long in the Pacific Northwest and we
all know how uncomfortable and cold wearing wet clothes can be. I layered this
sweater with the Portsmouth Foul Weather jacket and Ego not only stayed dry,
but also stayed warm even when walking in a rain shower. This sweater is
machine washable so when it inevitably gets soiled with mud or dirt it can be
washed, air dried, and is ready to be used again.

Whether your dog is tall or small, enjoys
extreme hikes or just walks in the park, this sweater is versatile and
definitely an essential for any outdoor loving dog. Be sure to properly measure your dog for the best fit.

Sydney Ryan is a talented photographer and avid outdoor lover who enjoys adventuring with Ego, her border collie. She has also done extensive training and agility work with Ego. Follow their adventures on Instagram: @expeditionego

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