Trail Tested: Loft Jacket

Trail Tested: Loft Jacket

Posted by Sydney Ryan on 12th November 2019

Review by Sydney Ryan of @expeditionego

No matter where you live, having a good jacket is essential for any outdoor-loving dog. Keeping your dog’s core warm helps her stay comfortable in the great outdoors. The Kurgo Loft Jacket is the perfect tool for making sure your dog is warm and dry without restricting her natural movement.

Ego and Avid have just moved out west to explore the great PNW. The land is covered in lush forests and littered with waterfalls around every corner. The area experiences all four seasons and plenty of rainfall. A proper jacket is a must-have for enjoying our hikes. Here are five reasons your pup needs the Kurgo Loft Jacket:

1. Keeps the core warm 

No matter the size of your dog, they’re all susceptible to the cold. Just like people, keeping the core warm extends dogs' endurance and keeps them more comfortable on hikes. Winter rain, snow, and ice can leave your pup feeling like she’d rather be indoors. The Loft Jacket will make her outdoor experience all the more enjoyable.

2. Repels water 

The Loft Jacket’s material repels water and keeps your dog dry. If you’ve ever been caught in the rain you know how quickly a chill can set into your bones. Staying dry is another way that the Loft Jacket keeps your pup warm. The PNW is notorious for rainy weather and there’s no way that we could survive out here without a water resistant jacket.

3. Compatible with other gear 

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to maneuver a leash through a jacket. The Loft Jacket was designed to accommodate both harnesses and collars so you can walk your dog in her jacket with ease. The zipper on the back allows you to access the harness without difficulty and the neckline cut doesn’t cover or restrict access to the collar. It’s important to obey leash laws so a jacket that makes it simple to clip a leash on and off is a major plus!

4. Allows natural movement 

Ego and Avid love to run through the forests and chase each other on the trail. We’ve used jackets that aren’t built for an athletic dog, and they rip at the seams from all the movement. The Loft Jacket is designed to conform to your dog's body and allow for non-restrictive movement. If you’ve ever worn a jacket that was too tight, you know how difficult it is to move in an ill fitting article of clothing. The rounded arm holes and v-line neckline allow for full range of motion in both the legs and neck.

5. Easy to clean 

Where there’s rain, there’s mud. That means that all gear ends up needing a good bath after a few uses. The Loft Jacket’s water resistant material makes it easy to wipe off mud and dirt. However, if needed, it’s also safe to wash the jacket in the washing machine.

There are many other features that make the Loft Jacket stand out. Reflective accents make it suitable for early morning or nighttime use. The jacket comes in a wide range of colors that are all reversible so it provides fashion and function. The Loft Jacket is an essential for all pups no matter if they live in the city or enjoy blazing the trails. The next time you decide to take on the great outdoors with the Loft Jacket, your pup will thank you!

Sydney Ryan is a talented photographer and avid outdoor lover who enjoys adventuring with Ego, her border collie. She has also done extensive training and agility work with Ego. Follow their adventures on Instagram: @expeditionego

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