Dog Training Tips

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Wander Hammock

Problem: Traveling with your dog in the car, and keeping him/her in the back of the vehicle can be very difficult.

Solution: Providing them with an enclosed space can make this task much easier. When the dog understands that they have a comfortable, safe place to hunker down for the ride, you will notice them turn into a calmer travel companion. Remember to avoid feeding your dog within the 2 hours prior to getting on the road, to help prevent them from becoming car sick. Also make frequent bathroom stops if you are on a longer trip and provide lots of water so your dog stays hydrated. Put their favorite chew toy or some treats on the Wander Hammock where you want them to sit, this will give them an incentive to busy themselves right from the start of the trip.

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Backseat Bridge

Problem: Some dogs are overly excited to travel, making in and out of the car potentially dangerous.

Solution: I like to implement a specific "wait" command for car travel. I suggest practicing opening the car door slightly and rehearsing the "wait" command. When the dog is still, pause and give a treat. Over time lengthen the amount of time the dog has to wait until you get to the point where you can open the door fully and the dog waits until you give the "ok release" command, then give the treat.

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Wander Bench Seat Cover

Problem: Your dog sits in the back seat and sticks his/her head out the window dangerously while you drive.

Solution: You should always have your dog secured while you are driving. There are many different restraints out there to help with this. In order to keep them from jumping up to the window, if not crated, use a dog seatbelt system and adjust them so they are the appropriate distance away. Dogs can squeeze out of window openings, or step on a button and roll the window down when you least expect it. Do everyone a favor and make sure all are buckled up when driving, even the furry passengers.

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Skybox Booster Seat

Problem: Anxious dogs stand up on the front of the booster seat, and don’t stay seated.

Solution: Start when your dog is tired after exercise and ready to nap. Give any rewards or treats in the bottom of booster.The dog will typically lay down to get the treat, learning that treats come from inside the booster seat and providing more reasons to stay put.

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