6 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket

6 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket

Posted by Brooke Spater on 18th July 2019

Photo by @littleriverdog

Did someone say dog paddle? As it turns out, not all dogs can
do it well. Even those who were born to swim can tire out if they push beyond their limits. Whether
your pup is an aqua dog or not, wearing a life jacket can benefit them. Headed out for a sail? Boaters are required by law to have a life
jacket on board for all human passengers, so it’s a good idea to take the same
precautions for your dog. Play it safe and be prepared so that your dog and the rest of your family can be carefree around the water together. 

Here are 6 reasons your dog needs a life jacket

1. Peace of mind

Hearing a big splash when you least expect it can catch you off
guard! Dogs who love to swim often jump in when you aren’t paying attention. You
look forward to days on the water, but you only have one set of eyes and there’s
a lot to keep track of. Knowing that your dog is wearing a life jacket will help you relax a bit more and allow you to focus on other things such as safely
maneuvering your boat or supervising young children near the water.

2. Even active swimmers get tired

Water lovers such as Labrador Retrievers or Springer Spaniels sometimes
don’t know when to take a break and a life jacket will provide the support they
need if their energy starts to run low. Some dog owners with more buoyant
breeds will even put a life jacket on part way through the day in anticipation of this
decline in energy. This avoids them getting too far away from you where they
may be unable to make it back to shore.

3. Not all dogs are designed for swimming

Think swimming is a natural skill for all dogs? Think again. Many
breeds like French Bulldogs or Boxers are not built for swimming and may even
be unable to stay afloat. Others like Pugs are unable to swim for long due to
the fact that they are brachycephalic breeds and have trouble breathing in
the water, thus they tire very quickly. Young dogs of any type may also not have
the stamina to make it very far. If your dog is a weak swimmer but has the
potential to improve, a life jacket will offer you both confidence as he learns. Always consult with your veterinarian if you have specific concerns about your dog's ability in the water.


4. It’s easier to spot them in the water

Dogs swim close to the surface and can often be tough to see in
the water. Dog life jackets are usually made with bright bold fabrics making it
easier to keep track of your four-legged paddler. Even if they swim out of
sight or get separated from you and you have to go looking for them, chances
are you will be able to spot them quickly. There are also instances where a dog
may fall overboard unnoticed and you may have to swiftly back track across the
water to find her in which case the colorful life jacket could help expedite this process.

5. Accidents can happen

What if your dog swam ahead in a river and the current suddenly
picked up? Without a life jacket, they could be swept away from you and
possibly drown. There’s also a chance your dog could come into contact with underwater
debris in a lake or pond and become stuck or incapacitated. A life jacket would
save them from exhaustion as they try to navigate their way back or keep them afloat until you
can reach them. On rare occasions, a dog could have a life-threatening health
episode in the water and a life jacket could save them from going under.

6. Handles and d-rings can help with safety

Imagine you’re in the middle of the lake when you suddenly hear
a clap of thunder and you need to quickly get your dog up on the boat. Most life jackets include a handle on the top,
allowing you to grab your pup on a moment’s notice and haul him back on board. Handles
are also helpful when assisting a senior dog with limited mobility in getting
out of the water. Most life jackets also come with a d-ring attachment so that you can easily
attach a leash to your dog and prevent him from potentially breaking away from
you when exiting the water.

Enjoying the water with your dog can be one of the best ways to spend time together. Doing so safely and responsibly will make your outing more enjoyable for all!

Looking for a life jacket? Check out what our friends at Rover had to say about our Surf N Turf Life Jacket!

Brooke Spater runs Social Media Marketing at Kurgo. Among other things, she manages the Kurgo blog and enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and 90 lb. Goldendoodle named Baxter.




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