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The Kurgo Foundation: Supporting Dogs and Humans by Giving Back

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What do inmates facing life sentences and dogs from high kill shelters have in common? They need one another and help each other work towards a second chance at life. Their special relationships have proven to be beneficial for both sides. At Lancaster, a maximum state prison in California, 58 men and 173 dogs have been part of the Paws 4 Life Prison Program since 2014, which is the first dog rehabilitation program ever launched. Inmates devote ten weeks to training and socializing these dogs, all of whom can earn their “Canine Good Citizen” (CGC) certification through the American Kennel Club and be placed with families. The outcome is impressive. Paws 4 Life has had the most commutations of life-sentences of any program in the state of California. The Kurgo Foundation proudly supported their program’s mission as part of a new direction we’ve taken with our philanthropic efforts.

This photo was taken at Paws For Life K9 Rescue, recent Foundation recipients. This is a great example of a partnership we are proud to support! Photo credits: Rita Earl Photography

The Kurgo Foundation was originally started in 2010 with the goal of providing both monetary and product support for dogs and animals struggling in the aftermath of natural disasters. We will continue to offer support during these difficult times but have also augmented our program to be more in line with our mission.

A small team of Kurgo employees will review and select non-profit organizations periodically each year to receive monetary and product donations through the Foundation. Selection criteria will be based on a set of parameters that align with Kurgo’s company values of encouraging people to get outside and be active with their dogs and to promote canine welfare and safety.

Kurgo will be looking to support small non-profits where our grant money can make a big difference and impact change. Grant award amounts will typically be between $1,000 – $10,000 and will be presented to recipients in the second and fourth quarters of each calendar year. A small team of Kurgo employees will review and select non-profit organizations periodically each year to receive monetary and product donations through the Foundation.

We are excited to renew our mission and look forward to developing positive partnerships for our dog-loving community. Help us find well-deserving non-profit organizations who could benefit from these donations! If you know of an organization, please send them to https://www.kurgo.com/giving-back/ for more information.

If you are ready to apply, fill out our application online HERE

Here’s to many exciting partnerships! #KurgoTogether

For questions or more information, please email us at: foundation@kurgo.com

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